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Friday, November 26, 2010


O's family is exhausting.  Don't misunderstand, they're nice, really wonderful people, but they are NEVER quiet!  O is very quiet and they're very loud.  O's uncle gets up in the morning and we can hear him yelling to wife about why we hide the coffee cups....Huh?  Oh no....mouse made certain before she went to bed, she put the out right beside the coffee maker (yes, we had to ditch the french press while they were here....too modern for them).  So, here he is yelling that he can't find them.  Naturally, in an exasperated way I threw back the covers to the bed and huffed a little...for craps sake it was 4AM!  Thanksgiving morning!  Who the hell wakes up at 4AM on a holiday?????

What's worse his wife can't find them either...they're ON THE FREAKING countertop!  Right next to the coffee maker.  O buried his head into his pillow and groaned.  So, I put on my bathrobe and go downstairs...O's Aunt and Uncle are looking through cabinets and I walk to the counter, where the coffee is and take a cup, fill it and hand it to them.  "Oh we can use those?  We thought they were for show."



Who does that?

Uncle announces that he's hungry and can't wait for Turkey--he adds that he hopes we don't eat too late.  Aunt comes over and asks about the turkey and I tell her that it's in the brine.  "oooooh fancy!"  That seemed to be her keyword...everything was fancy.  The coffee I use...I'm sorry but I'm not a fan of Yuban..and don't think that the best part of waking up is Folgers.   I buy coffee from a local roaster.  I buy for the flavor.  Is it expensive?  Who cares if it is?

Back to Uncle being hungry, because I'm thinking it's too early to think about cooking right now.   Aunt chimes in saying that he can't take his medicine unless he eats something.  After thinking twice of pointing out the bread and toaster, I start cooking some eggs.  Really, what the hell -- it takes a few minutes.  I cook him and the aunt breakfast...clean up and say I'm going back to bed.  The aunt exclaims that I need to get the Turkey into the oven.


I politely tell her that it will only take a couple hours to cook,  I had already cooked one the previous day.  They were roughly the same size...Oh no...she starts telling me that it takes like 8 hours to cook a turkey.  

It's 5 AM at her 8 hour time frame, which it won't take, we'd be eating at 1PM!  OMG....

That's not a Thanksgiving dinner...that's LUNCH!

I say, very nicely, it won't take that long, and it will be fine.

Aunt huffs.  I lock the door leading into the garage, and go back to bed.  I'm tired and have only gotten a few hours sleep.  The others are getting up.   Almost got away with it.   But no.  Start cooking breakfast for everyone...well except for the kids and O who have sense enough to be asleep still.  Finish cooking, clean up, answer the same turkey questions again...Then told everyone that I was going back to bed.

I climb into bed and O starts cuddling next to me.  I turn instantly into a wife and tell him, Not on your life!  He actually rolled back over, then paused and said, "wait a minute."  Ah shit..I'm thinking.  I recount the morning, and he's actually sympathetic.  He still wanted sex but he was understanding.  Honestly I was so exhausted I really thought I wouldn't enjoy it...but yanno...I got into it.

Of course I couldn't sleep after that.

Eventually we all got up.  I cooked again....and started the turkey around 11 AM and by noon it was in the oven.  Of course everyone was complaining about that.  "It will take 12 hours to cook, we'll be eating at midnight!"  Then another chimes in, "I can't eat at midnight, I need to take pills!"

O stepped in and assured everyone that we'd be eating early.

We ate at 3.  Everyone raved about the turkey, the stuffing, the gravy....the potatoes were a debate.

Yes, they debated potatoes.  Whipped, creamy, or lumpy?  Now there's a difference between lumpy potatoes that are lumpy because they're undercooked and lumpy because they're supposed to be lumpy.

But that's a discussion for another post.


  1. there are just those times that the mind is so not there - but the body responds and the mind just has to follow along. It is difficult keeping other people welcomed and happy and fed and etc. Some people make it easier than others. O appreciates it, maybe even needs it. I hope you get to unwind some next week.

  2. Good for you -- you have to stand your ground in your own domain

    I'm ready to have my house back too


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  4. Somewhere between your marathon visit and my quickie 3 hour breakfast, there has to be a happy medium. Kids were gone by 11am and I have been alone ever since.

  5. oh i totally get the well meaning irritating relatives because i've got loads and loads of them. They've always got an Did i mention i have loads of them?...lolol.
    Hope you get sometime to rest on Sat and Sun...:)

  6. oooooooh, fancy post!!!((snicker))

    I am an unabashed, unrepentant coffee snob. If I don't grind it myself, it's not really coffee. Yuban = ground up walnut shell, bleck. Ptooey. acckk. I also brine all my poultry, holidays or not.

    I laughed so hard reading about you "turning into a wife", and then even harder when Omega just rolled over then went "wait a minute",that my DIL asked me what I was laughing about.

  7. Those are the exact reasons I am glad my family is in the Midwest and I'm in Nevada!!! My grandma deals with everyone and I get my quiet house to stay quiet!!! Hope you get some time for yourself soon ... I know that usually helps me.


  8. Can I just say... you're a better woman than me? If I had been woken that early for such a stupid thing in my own house I would have let them know how pissed off at how rude they were being. But that's me... my tolerance levels are like... nil...

    It certainly makes me glad to be at a distance from family sometimes, though. It's hard, but most of the time it's such a blessing.

    Hope the rest of the time is better.



  9. I was exhausted just reading it...elderly uncles always have loud voices, always seem to wake at the crack of dawn, can't eat after 6 pm, and always have their trousers up past their waists...I laughed at the thought of you cooking eggs before you were awake... still nice to have family around you ,hope the rest of your weekend was good xxxx


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