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Thursday, November 11, 2010

You've mentioned that Omega and your first owner were friends. Did Omega own you in a joint way? If so, why didn't he become your owner after your first Master passed away?


Thanks for the question, and it's not an easy question to answer. Truthfully mouse doesn't like thinking about those days much. However it is a fair question, so mouse will say that yes in a way Omega was a more or less joint owner with the one mouse called Alpha. The reason mouse says 'more or less,' is because Omega was granted privileges to use mouse when he wanted.

When Alpha died, yes he wanted Omega to take mouse, but at the time after a nearly a decade of abuse, mouse was in no condition to serve anyone. Also, she was never told about it. Omega at that time was going through his own problems and really couldn't take another slave into his life. He also wasn't prepared to deal with how difficult mouse was at that time. It took her many years to get over the abuse. It took Omega a long time too, to get his life in order....So in some ways while its sad that it took us so long to get together, it really worked out the way it should have. Had we gotten together then, it would never have lasted and he would have spent a lot of time finding a suitable Master for this mouse.

Thanks for the question.

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