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Friday, November 12, 2010


Good morning!

Omega arrived home safe and sound in the evening and mouse met him at the door wearing her nicest dress, heels, and a big smile....did she forget to mention she was holding a double martini?

Truly how a man wants to be greeted?  Omega was pleased by the effort and the fact dinner was waiting for him, as he was famished.  The airplane meal he was served didn't stick to him.  Get this; the chicken wasn't dry!  Score one for mouse!

Omega sipped his martini and chatted with everyone, catching up on the weeks events as he ate.  At one point during the meal he reached over and took hold of mouse's hand pulling it close and giving her a kiss. He whispered into her ear that he missed her and that made her feel so good!  Later on, mouse took the clothes out of his case and sorted them for the dry cleaners, laundry..whatever.  It seems he spilled mustard on one of his shirts for work..dunno if the dry cleaners can get that out.

Later after mouse did her evening rituals, and found O already in bed working on his meeting notes,  she asked permission to enter the bed and speak to him.  He groaned but listened as mouse told him about the Thanksgiving menu plans, and beyond that.  He readily approved of the menu and found it nicely varied for the different tastes and commented that he's especially looking forward to the bagels and lox breakfast.

He surprised mouse by thanking her for doing all this and organizing everything so nicely.  Then mouse turned the topic to Christmas, and showed him the gift buying list for that.  Again he groaned but also agreed that it was reasonable.  He rebuffed her advances to snuggle against him since he was technically still working, so she rested her head on his belly and inhaled his scent, which brought a "now mouse," from him.  Then she poked out her tongue and just grazed that area.  Noting his member twitched mouse did it again (thank goodness that thing has a mind of his own).  His voice softly asked if the slave was demanding some attention, and mouse moved her head closer to his growing feature.  He didn't say much after that, but she heard his laptop close and that was all the signal she needed.

The laptop wasn't touched until the morning.  He said he had to erase some of his notes because he was clearly distracted last night, of course having gotten all that out of his system last night, this morning was more normal.  While mouse pleasured him, he worked until before his climax, and then returned to his laptop right after, as mouse was cleaning him up.

He did comment that we might be heading into the basement soon and this mouse can't wait!


  1. I agree with you mouse it is great that "it" has a mind of its own, lol!

  2. yes we need attention when they've been away don't we? I'm glad he's home.

  3. What a lovely welcome home for him mouse...I can hear the happiness in every word your wrote

  4. I'm so happy he arrived home safe and sound... and that you're efforts to welcome him home in a pleasing way were a huge success! :-D Hope you both have a wonderful weekend. Sending lots of *hugs* your way!


  5. is wonderful that it does have a mind of its own. Thank goodness!

    sin...We do and it's soooo wonderful when we get it.

    a hidden slave...Thanks mouse is really bubbling over!

    turiya...Ya there was a tense moment when he was working....but when it twitched, let's just say mouse knew....LOL

    Thanks for the comments...

  6. What a lovely post Mouse and such a wonderful way to greet our man.

    I could imagine you sitting at your computer with a big smile on your face while writing this.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Hope you both have a great weekend.


  7. what a wonderful "welcome home" i am glad He is home safe.

  8. Ronnie...oh ya..and still smiling today! is nice to have him home!



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