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Monday, November 15, 2010

Weekend madness!

Good morning,

All this mouse can say is thank goodness Omega's home because the holiday season around here is in full swing.  The malls are full of people and mouse has half of her holiday shopping list done already and equally thankful that the Hanukkah gifts have already been bought.  Because Hanukkah tends to go on so many nights, we keep the gifts down to a minimum.  Good stuff is given the first night, and subsequent nights are more trinket/candy oriented.

Getting the house ready for so many occupants isn't so simple, even with extra space.

With all that in mind we're in process of getting a few air mattresses and all the blankets, pillows, etc., thanks to Lucy and Schroeder.  We can fit one easily in the family room and another in the living room.   Food is going to be an issue tho, breakfast, lunch and dinner for how many?  Eight extra people each day.  Ugh.  The day before Thanksgiving will be the first big obstacle, but mouse thinks she'll just go and get Chinese food for dinner that night.  Thanksgiving is easy and so will the weekend following that.  Sunday O suggested that we just take everyone out to dinner.  That will leave Monday and Tuesday to plan for, because Wednesday is the first night of Hanukkah (and December 1 YIKES) and by Thursday and Friday they'll all be GONE!

He did say once they are gone, mouse can decorate the house (yay) for Christmas.

But first we needed to get through this weekend.  Ordered two turkeys and one prime rib roast.  The prime rib roast will be for Hanukkah.

Not sure how mouse will cook two turkeys in one oven...guess she'll be getting up super early in the morning.

Sunday mouse spent some extra time on her hands and knees, cleaning the baseboards, and at one point Omega walked over to her asking what she was doing.  After listening to mouse's explanation, Omega said there were better things mouse could do on her knees.  Soon enough mouse had her mouth open, eyes closed, hands by her sides, and lost in this mental world of worshipping Omega.  After he was thoroughly pleased with his service, mouse returned to work on the baseboards...oddly however she had a hard time concentrating on that task, his scent was still driving her crazy.  After several times trying to get those thoughts out of her mind she decided to live with them, and just push through the work.

It's maybe strange but mouse has a tendency to get "lost" mentally when she's bringing Omega pleasure...any kind of pleasure it seems.  Performing any task, sexual or otherwise brings mouse into this headspace, where she becomes lost in her service.  Even stranger is that mouse will actually relive it a little in her mind later, during more quiet, private times.

That was exactly what she was doing when Omega came into the bathroom and found mouse in the tub during her bath ritual.  He said something and mouse jumped!  In bed he used his mouse the way  he wanted, making her squirm and beg him for more.  As sleep finally came to claim her, she was just where she wanted to be, used up, and locked in his arms.


  1. (sorry I have to remain Anonymous, but I love your blog. Funny that the thing that finally got me to comment was wanting to help out with the cooking!)

    You might consider cutting up the raw turkey and roasting in parts. Yes, you do sacrifice that whole Normal Rockwell turkey-on-a-platter image, but the tasty, perfectly-done results and efficiency are worth it.

    There's a terrific recipe for "Deconstructed Holiday Turkey with Sage Gravy" by Ted Allen on Epicurious.

    Good luck and happy holidays!

  2. Goodness me Mouse, it's making me tired just reading all you have to do.

    Not sure how your serving your turkey, maybe you could cook one the night before.

    I do hope your'll let me know how it all goes Mouse.


  3. Hi, I am an male dom from Asia. I just searched key words related to bdsm via google, and found your blog.
    Your story is amazing and I feel happy for your current situation in which you and Omega finally get together. I can understand what does living together with her master mean for a slave.
    Enjoy the coming Chinese dinner and best wishes for both of you.

  4. Amazingly enough a year ago i moved to be close to family and will not be spending the Thanksgiving holiday with them.

    Getting lost in that place (though we often try to fight it) is nice sometimes. I miss that place... yup... i miss it.


  5. Just wanted to say, pre-madness, Happy Holidays mouse (and of course Omega too). Take a big deep breath, and have some nice bath salts ready (maybe earplugs too if the house is going to be so full of people)so you can destress alittle.

  6. Anonymous...hopefully you'll comment again! And mouse is seriously considering doing that.

    ronnie...made mouse tired too..ya cooking one the night before is possible...dunno tho.

    Richard Sir...Thank you for the wonderful comments....and yes mouse is really looking forward to that dinner (because she won't have to cook it...LOL).

    CW....this is mouse's second big Thanksgiving and this one is going to be a lot more stressful than the last. But before that...she was on her own too...

    KellyRed...Ya Omega's already decreed (decried) that mouse is not EVERYONE's slave...Just his. LOL....Wine works too...Lots and lots of it.

    Hugs and thanks for all the comments,


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