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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

How mouse got her name

Good morning!

It's  question that's come up twice now on Formspring.  When Omega read the answer the first time he didn't say much, when he saw that the question came up again he commented that it was a chance to better explain things.

He said that not everyone has been following mouse's journey since the beginning.  And even those following it  might not remember the exact context of getting the name.

It started shortly after beginning this blog, which started before Omega was Omega.  For confusion sake, mouse called him Beta Master.  Alpha was...well Alpha the first owner and shared his property (mouse) with Beta.  Technically she owned by both men.  One, of course, had more control.   The blog back then was more about working through those issues, talking about therapy, and learning to trust.  Beta (O) was a big part of that and encouraged the blog.  It was also  a way that he could read it.

Now, also because of this there was a lot of editing that went on, as this one didn't want to sully the memory of Alpha where Beta (Omega) was concerned, since they always regarded each other like family.  Eventually Beta started, in his very subtle way, letting this one know that he was interested in her.  But still remained very reserved.  When it was decided by this one to offer herself to Omega, we spent a long talking and discussing what it meant...what would it mean and everything.  The offer was accepted by Beta and he became owner.

The first post that was written was called, OMEGA, which explained why that name was chosen.  Long story short...he is the LAST!  It also kept with the whole Greek alphabet vibe too, Alpha, Beta....he often quipped that he was happy it wasn't Gamma.

He also wasn't happy with it.  The word or term gave him a great feeling of pressure.  The last Master.  It took him a long time to grow into the title of Omega.  He said then that he was going to give a "pet" name to this one.  Until that time, she'd gone by her given name; which is an OK name, but one that this one never really liked much. Growing up, all her friends were named much Rebecca, Jamie, Stephanie, or even Jennifer.   Omega was calling this one his lady, and still introduces this one as that to strangers.  He wanted a different he started thinking.

After an intense scene Omega and this one went to the Zoo...walked around and honestly it was pretty uneventful.  The subdrop was horrible and this one was a bit spacey.  In the zoo gift shop, because she was a good girl, Omega bought her a present.  A little stuffed mouse (which the dog later took and played with it until it's poor head fell off).  After that he started lightly calling this one, 'mouse' just kinda trying it out to see how it stuck. This one HATED it.

He explained the reasoning and it did no good.  Mice are incredibly resourceful, intelligent, but also completely dependent on humans for their survival.  Without humans around mice numbers would greatly diminish because they'd be forced to make an 'honest' living and most wouldn't survive.  Just like, he said, according to mouse, she wouldn't survive without Omega.


So, soon after that, he made mouse go public with the name.  He even threatened once to change the name of her blog to, "mouse droppings."

As time passed however, like him, mouse grew accustomed to the name and actually doesn't mind it so much.

Except when it's followed by the "be still," command.


  1. Mouse Dropping would had made a great blog title, lol. Thank you for sharing.

  2. When i think of "mouse" I think of something soft, sometimes timid, resourceful, and determined to succeed in whatever it has set out to do. Thank you for the story about how you got your name. hugs

  3. My lady mouse,

    You are correct that I did find it quite humbling, as well as, daunting. Today 'mouse' and 'Omega' have richly allowed us to be exactly who we are regardless of where we are or whom might be around. Most people in our lives refer to you as mouse as well; another that I have no complaint about.

    I would not change these seemingly silly names for anything.

    You will be forever my mouse.

  4. Thanks for sharing, this was a delightful read! abby

  5. Well at least your reason for getting the mouse nickname was a lot nicer than mine. I was given the nickname mouse when I was in the Navy and it had more to do with my being vertically challenged and soft spoken. I'd much rather be considered resourceful. LOL




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