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Monday, December 13, 2010

A dull post

Good Morning!

Nothing exciting going on right at the moment.  Except a looong list of things to do before the party on Saturday.  You'll remember this is a very vanilla event with children.  Now I'm finding out on Christmas Eve the neighborhood is having one of those traveling parties...the kind where you start at one house for drinks, then move on to the next house, with more drinks and a little food...then onto the next house for more drinks and a little more food....and so on, until you hit up the coffee and dessert house.

More planning....Yay.  And just to sprinkle more fun into my life, the inlaws are staying with us probably until the first of the year.  Just because...

Again good times...good times.

So today's to do list includes:

Going to the gym
Tidying up the house
washing bedding and white clothes; folding and put away.
Emptying the dishwasher
Cleaning the bathrooms
Lunch with Omega
Shopping with Lucy

Dinner plans for tonight...More or less a chicken cacciatore with polenta and winter veggies.


  1. MMMMMMMMMMmm chicken cacciatore is one of my favorite meals. My mom used to make it sooooooooooo yum. I guess I do an ok job too, but somehow it never turns out like my moms.

    Have a fun weekend with the party! I'm going to see if a friend of ours wants to bring his son around to decorate cookies with Taiya... that should be fun. :-D



  2. I think I have had 'mouse withdrawal symptoms' have missed being able to read your blog....hope you are ok


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