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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Asking for permission

With all the holiday stress, mouse has needed a little relief.  Normally Omega would be happy to oblige but he's been exceedingly busy with work and other stuff, so a couple nights ago, in a complete show of desperation mouse attempted to seduce Omega.

He had an incredible martini waiting for him, his favorite dinner nearly ready, quiet, serene candlelight flickering.  All the feminine charms were brought out, foot rubs, back rubs....rubbing those other areas and brought Omega great pleasure but left mouse feeling rather flat.  Clearly he's going through a selfish period where it's all about him.

Okay.  It can be dealt with.  Right?  The lack of sexual release is frustrating for mouse....heh, to say the least, but she trudged on with the whole being pleasing thing...offering different parts of her body for his pleasure.  Most were rejected, except for the ones that could bring him the most pleasure....

Last evening, mouse tried again and was met with the same obstacles.  He was tired, not in the mood...blah blah blah....This really wasn't for him!  Eventually mouse broke down, went into his study where he busy working, and waited for him to notice her.  Eventually he acknowledged that she was there, and sighed a little when she asked permission to speak to him.   He wanted to know how important this matter was.... the great scheme of life it's not going to cure cancer or anything; it's also not like the house is on fire either (just mouse).  Certainly she didn't want for him to feel like he was in anyway neglected his husbandly duties, since that's in strict opposition to his Masterly duty.  He told her to get on with it or leave...he was tired of mouse stuttering and stammering.

The option was clear and mouse begged forgiveness for disturbing him and left the study, only to return a half minute later.

"Master, may this one orgasm?"  Yes it was blurted out just like that.

Omega's eyes shot upward.

Shit!  Now Omega is staring at mouse...maybe that wasn't the best opening...

"It's just that Master this one understands how busy you've been lately and believes that she's done a lot to help you ease that tension..."

Long pause until he leaned back in his chair and said for mouse to continue.

"Well of course mouse doesn't feel in anyway neglected by Master but this one does kinda have needs...."

"Needs?" he repeated.

"Um well...ya...needs...things have been a little sided lately."

Now this is when mouse really wanted to hide.

"One-sided," again he repeated before continuing, "perhaps you are doing something wrong?"


'Well perhaps when you are providing me with...emotional should orgasm then knowing that you are alleviating me of some of my stress.  Of course you do understand that my stress is hardly vanquished because you simply place your lips around my shaft -- you do understand that, do you not mouse?'


"Well then...thank you Master, glad we got that cleared up."

"Mouse," he said, "before you leave, go downstairs into the basement and fetch the leather strap, bring it to me at once."


Doing as she was instructed but oooh soooo pissed off at it at the same time, mouse got the strap and brought it to Omega.  He then instructed mouse to lift her skirt and kiss the strap.  Then he said for her bend over his desk.  He smacked her ass hard several times before stopping.  Then he plunged his fingers deep into the recesses of her folds making her bite her lip hard.  Then he hit her a few times with the strap and paused again...This continued until mouse's body started to shake and quiver.  The orgasm she felt was intense.

Then he made mouse clean his fingers with her mouth, kiss the leather strap and sent her to return the strap to the basement before moving onto her evening rituals.

On her way upstairs he called her into his study and said very bluntly, "next time just ask to masturbate."

Yep...certainly got that message loud and clear.


  1. Got to watch what we ask for! They think on such different levels.


  2. Whew. I could feel the weight of that stare from here.

  3. Mindset...OMG you're so right....

    KellyRed...imagine how mouse felt! LOL

  4. Probably much hotter to read about than to experience. I can imagine wanting to disappear...


  5. It's that whole leaning back in the chair thing too...makes your heart sink.:)
    hidden slave

  6. LMAO... sorry, but I couldn't help myself. I'd be a bit pissed to, but yeah... he sorta did have a point.



  7. okay so ... were you at all, even the tiniest bit tempted to just orgasm without asking/telling? Just tempted?

  8. Oh ... that was wonderful. It made my day. Thank you!

  9. Just stumbled upon your blog but I really loved this entry! It definitely shows the dynamic in your relationship.


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