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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Looking for inspiration

Good (late) morning!

It's been crazy this past week and the craziness seems to be endless.   Last week family was here, and now this week it seems the real countdown to Christmas begins.  So many to shop for and most of the list was thrown out the window because of Chanukah.  But on the upside, Omega did say that mouse can start decorating for Christmas before the end Chanukah....Yay!

It's all so exhausting.

Is it still "lifestyle" if you live every element of your life that way?   That's been perplexing mouse lately.  Yes, mouse has spent many hours pondering that albeit silly question.  Haven't had the time to discuss it with Omega yet, although hopefully soon.  Also, getting busy with the holiday party we're hosting in just another week.

Tis the season to be busy...fa la la la...

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  1. I liked your 'silly' question. If it is all encompassing - it must be 'life' not a style that is put on and taken off? Is the way you live somehow driven or guided by the concepts that underlie the term, or is it just a label to describe what you have chosen to do? I'm sure i don't actually have time to be allowing myself to wander off to ponder this - but it did catch my attention for some reason.


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