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Monday, January 10, 2011

Week two

Good morning,

This mouse can't believe another week has zoomed by.  Omega mentioned to mouse just today that she'd better get back to blogging soon, guess he misses seeing what's been going on inside mouse's head.

Everything is status quo for now.  It's hard sometimes maintaining the rituals but over all they've helped center mouse when the stresses of the holidays were getting to her.  The labia piercings have all healed nicely and Omega added a nice little chain between them.  They've become a shiny new plaything for him to enjoy and mouse to scream over.  The nipple piercings are healing as well, recently we swapped out the barbell type for small rings, again so Omega can tug on them.  Omega's mind is already clicking away with ideas of how he can torture the mouse with them.

Honestly, mouse isn't sure what to think about it all and tries not to.  We did open New Years Day with a lengthy trip to the basement, where mouse was told to sit on sand paper while Omega attached the chains! It's a wonder what some sandpaper under the rear can do for being still.  After mouse was tortured and thoroughly beaten, spent and fully consumed by Omega.  Monday, although it was back to the routine of day to day stuff, the subdrop was incredible.  We hadn't played that hard in a long time, having the routine helped maintain the focus on Omega and his needs.

Tuesday, as mouse climbed out of the fog, she realized that she accepted  a couple rather big projects (never make big decisions while in the throws of subdrop).  So, she's been working on those and tomorrow has two offsite meetings to attend (haven't had those in a while either).  Thankfully both are in the building, but that will keep her away from home most of the day.

Wonderful Lucy has said that she'll help out with A for that day.  Of course now mouse owes her a turn...and mouse has the sneaking thought it might come this weekend.


  1. Work is good. Suffering is good. Slavery is freedom.

  2. Oh mouse! I have wondered what it would be like to have the nipples pierced. I am looking forward to living vicariously (sp) through you.

    Valley Girl

  3. one of your phrases there struck a chord in my heart. How many times have i made a decision when flying high, then wondered just how i agreed to it when i came down. ...


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