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Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Good morning,

Is there a train to crazy?  1 ticket please.  Yes, just one, everyone else is on their own.  That's exactly how mouse feels these days.  Blogging has been increasingly difficult because MIL has been spending so much time with us because of the horrible weather.   It's been pretty continuous snow falling here.  While it's pretty, it just makes driving up steep hills and mountains nearly impossible and we don't want her stranded and alone.  Just  a little update for everyone.  FIL is holding his own which is good news for him but actually sad news for mil.  She can't afford to keep her house and pay for his ongoing care. So, she must sell the house.  Omega feels bad because she's young enough to keep her independence.  So, with that in mind we're looking for a house with an in-law unit, or one with a piece of land so that we can build her on.  We'll keep this house and rent it out.

He's actually taking a second look at the farmhouse mouse showed him a while back (it's still for sale) that sits on rather large swath of land.

It's really pretty far from here, but might be a good alternative.  We're also looking closer at similar properties closer to here.  Currently, this area is a semi rural area, so it's not uncommon at all to see signs for lost cows -- although weird for this city dweller.

It's opening the door to new ideas and thoughts.  In the meantime, our routines are stretched to the limit because of his mom being around so much.  We can't do the daily maintenance in the morning because she asked, why we were going down into the basement.  Our sex life hasn't exactly suffered but our hard play has.  We can't be too loud.  He can't make mouse suffer the way he likes (A's room is much further away and beyond where he can hear).  The soft cries and whimpers would be audible by his mom.  We've tried gags but those are so helpful and then there's the snooping factor.  She doesn't mean to snoop and she wants to "help" out.  So she'll clean our bedroom, bathroom, etc.  We've told her she doesn't have to do that, and she says she doesn't mind and wants to be useful.  O has told her that it's really not needed but she does it anyway.  We can't fault her because she really thinks she's helping us out and it doesn't matter if mouse cleans it first, because she'll just clean it again (along with the rest of house).  She doesn't offer to cook because she feels she can't cook, so mouse has been teaching her (LMAO).  Talk about blind leading blind (as O has pointed out a million times).

Just when mouse thought that was end to the thoughts Omega asked a question about what mouse did after Alpha passed away.  He commented one evening that it must have been hard on mouse but didn't really press the issue.  While mouse has discussed some of the abuse she suffered because of him directly, she hasn't spoken much about what happened afterward.

After steeling some time on the computer mouse did post a little about it into the private blog, not really ready to share all that with "the world," or mouse's small corner of it.  However, those feelings have started to diminish a little bit.   Not sure when it will come up in the blog, but it will soon be a topic.

Also, trying to make rounds to other blogs that mouse has been absent on for too long.  The truth is that its difficult to go to those because of the lack of privacy and anytime she has privacy she spends that time updating her own blog.

So, with that in mind mouse can only offer a thousand apologies to those bloggers buds of mouse's.


  1. Warning: here comes a strong opinion based on a very similar situation in my life that I almost allowed to tear apart my marriage.

    It is YOUR home and when you clearly state that you do not wish for her to clean (or enter) your bedroom or bathroom, and she does so anyway, she is not being helpful or kind, she is being rude. She is demonstrating (perhaps subconsciously) that she can and will do whatever she wants in your home and forcing you to see that she believes you don't have the balls to stop her. It may have started out as an effort to be helpful, but when you have asked her to stop and she continues, something else is at play here, Dominance.

    If you and your husband allow this to continue and close living arrangements become permanent, the pissing contest is over and she has won dominion over your privacy in all respects.

    It is not at all unreasonable to declare that your private space is off-limits to anyone! As a married woman this should come as no surprise to her.

    Good luck, sweetie.

  2. I too have not been around much. Happy New year to you and Omega and I hope things work out for you both.

  3. We often have lack of privacy for such things because of my grown up son , who has mental health issues and has a the capability of five to seven year old in life instead of his twenty odd years that he is.
    Its tough for Master as He would like to dish out saffy's pain on a far more regular basis than He is able.
    However this year holds new hopes as there are meant to be more daycare places etc for j to go to...
    In saffy's humble opinion Donna is right, but as it would be hard for me to voice such an opinion with authority suggests that maybe your One could talk to her on your behalf, or maybe a weekend away for you Both .
    We all love our family, but sometimes they cant half be a spoke in the wheel when they dont understand the lifestyles that we have choosen to lead.

  4. Mouse,
    I took that train a long time ago. Real life just has too many twists and turns. I hope that things work out in the best way possible for you and your family.

  5. Difficult times. Hang in there...hugs..abby

  6. Mouse,
    I'm glad to know why you aren't blogging as much as usual. I have no usual, so I'm just reappearing after long absences, but I'm happy and well.
    Blessings to you and yours,


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