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Monday, February 7, 2011

Bend over

Good morning,

Just when mouse believes she cannot bend any further, Omega changes something subtle and she finds herself bending.  Wednesday of last week, Omega changed the rules, the focus rules that mouse studies.  It was time; the last change happened around the holidays.  Still when they do occur mouse reads them and trembles a little bit.   What lesson does Omega want for mouse to remember this time?  Some made perfect sense to what we've been doing recently.  Anal plug being worn, for example, was almost expected.  Omega has been engaging in more anal play with mouse lately, but has found her to be a bit resistant to the process.  Also, having the plug in tends to remind mouse of her submission, especially when stressed out.

Other's were kind of expected, such as the ones about maintaining the rituals and greatest satisfaction is in pleasing Master...Ya, no argument or surprises.  Leaving the one about punishment seemed kinda fitting too.

The final one about no expectation of privacy threw mouse off   What did that mean?  It's kind of part of mouse's nature to be a little private.  Did this mean he was going to watch mouse do everything?  Did this mean that he had full access to everything?  Well, Omega already has that.  He can read chat logs, email, correspondence and anything else.  It's already a given that mouse has no privacy.  The act of him making that a focus rule, reminded mouse that in the most basic terms, she really does belong to him.

Recently, as the mouse went through her morning ritual Omega watched.  He had extra time in the morning and decided to observe.  The mouse began reciting her focus rules, mentally planning her day as she went about her other mundane duties.  At one point while the mouse was concentrating on the rules, Omega spoke to her and said for her to bend over.  Not yet dressed the mouse blushed and did as told,  while Omega prodded and probed her inner flesh.  There was no privacy in that moment and mouse was reduced to feeling like a piece of raw meat.  Her face burned hotly as his fingers tugged and invaded.

He released his grip and washed his hands.  Like nothing had happened, he just told mouse to ready for the day.

That evening when he came home he gave mouse a small gift, a ring that locks.  It resembled a key ring with a small tag attached bearing the symbol for Omega.  He attached it to the labia rings and fastened it with a small allan wrench (or hex key), it holds them close together.  It explained tying them.  He was getting mouse used to the feeling.  He remarked he liked the way the tag fell, with just a hint of it visible.

The mouse isn't so certain about it, it pulls and tugs when she moves a certain way -- nearly any way.  It makes the mouse feel owned, it's a reminder pulling at her with nearly every move.  


  1. things do not need privacy.

  2. Mouse,

    Do you like/have time to read? I think you would enjoy "As She's Told" by Anneke Jacob. (If you haven't already read it) It is essentially BDSM Erotica, but also about how deeply TTWD can run in our pysches. I highly recommend it. The relationship between the two main characters often reminded of Omega and you.

  3. @Anon... people are not things...

    @mouse, beautiful post! :-D I still don't think I'd want some of your rules though. LOL



  4. I recently had a conversation with Master about the possibility of me sleeping in a cage in his room. I was concerned it would be intrusive, but he compared it to me being property, and therefore, not intrusive. I haven't turned over my email passwords yet, but it is only a matter of time.

  5. Very interesting post. Will be fascinating to see what he plans next for you. You must be eager to find out.


  6. Beautiful post. Sorry someone who is not brave enough to sign their thoughts tried to demean it.


  7. @ turiya; mouse has agreed to be Omega's thing on more than one occasion. mouse is property, a thing.

    A thing does not need privacy.

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