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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Communication breakdown?

Good morning,

This mouse isn't sure what to think, after ending yesterday's post mouse thought about it.  This whole lifestyle is rooted in communication and honesty.  You must be completely truthful with your partner and this is particularly true of subs who look to the Master's for guidance.  They must feel free to express themselves.

Do you ever really get to a place where "words" aren't important -- where talking just isn't needed?  It seems that mouse has gotten there.  It's been days since she spoke to Omega, other than,  yes Omega, or no Omega. Sure there's dinnertime small talk about the day but that's not same as talking about us or our relationship/life together.  Sometimes she's called him Master directly and when he commented on something, mouse replied sincerely "as you wish Master."  No hint of sarcasm, it was really a sincere statement.  Since he's begun the evening maintenance we haven't had time to really talk about anything.  At first mouse thought she'd miss the pillow talk but has found that she doesn't.

A couple days ago, the strangest thing happened, in his study Omega asked for some hot water with a little lemon, and mouse hurried to fulfill the request.  When she returned, Omega as he always does thanked mouse, as mouse settled back down on the floor beside his feet.  Then he said that mouse had permission to chat for while or return Lucy's phone call.  This made mouse cry and thank Omega profusely.   After chatting a bit with Lucy on the phone mouse returned to Omega's feet and again thanked him.

He smiled warmly at mouse and patted her head.  As mouse resettled on the floor,  she found her mind was kinda empty of any thoughts.  Normally things would click off in her mind, like to do lists, cooking,  whatever she didn't finish during the day would weigh on her, but she found that with O's management skills there was none of that.  There was no feelings like she must doing something.  Even waiting for Omega to need something which sometimes seemed painful, suddenly didn't.  It occurred to her then that she wasn't distracted by anything and could handle much more.

When it was time for rituals mouse scurried up the stairs, stood before Omega and undressed, then she presented herself to him.  He watched as she bathed and go through her focus rules, but didn't interrupt to ask questions, the way he used to.  After the bath he slipped the long nighty over her head, opening the top wide so her breasts were available and toyed with the rings.  It's gotten so that his touch just sends her to subspace and he let her go.  Normally talk and discussion would bring her back to him quickly.

After he finished tormenting mouse with his hands and whatever other body part he chose to use,  we settled quickly into a deep sleep.  Maybe there's just nothing to communicate?

Whatever the reason mouse is very thankful.


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