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Friday, February 25, 2011

His new game

Good morning,

"You have five minutes mouse."  Omega looks rather stern, checking his watch and waiting a moment before saying, "Now."  And there it is...the new game he's created.  Let's see how fast mouse can orgasm.  What's worse is he watches it.  Its like this silent criticism.  'A little more to the right mouse, don't pay too much attention to that single spot...oooh dear, you're running low on time already. '

Really, holy crap!  Of course all he needs to do is look at mouse a certain way and she's practically there.  His touch causes a fire to erupt, obviously he knows and understands mouse's body better than she does...and that's really sad.   Somewhere mouse hopes that he'll just take pity on her, throw away the watch and take over.  He doesn't tho.  The Sadist won't allow for that.  He likes to watch her squirm and get oooh sooo close.  

"Times up."  

Damn.  "Are you sure that was five minutes Master?  Because it really felt like maybe one or two had passed?"  That's just, you're mean.  

He stretches in the bed, his appetite sated, really he's a happy man with his morning oral.  

Then there's the odd text message.  What RU doing now slave?  

Did he write slave???  Ooooh instantly mouse feels her sex throb.  Quickly replies...nothing important...gotta hot date with the washing machine and that's about it, Master.  

Her heart skips a beat as her phone goes off again...and he makes the MOST outrageous suggestion.  He instructed mouse to turn her phone on vibe and place it between her legs.  It really wasn't a suggestion it was an order...

So, mouse walks down the hall into the bedroom, lays on the bed, positions the phone and waits...A few seconds it starts to vibrate. Oooooh....tingles.  20 more times please. hmmm no make that 100.  

Then the phone rings.  Oh crap you gotta be kidding...really; seriously?  

Carefully, mouse picks up the phone, wipes it off and answers it.  Guess who?  

"Having fun mouse?"  

"Oh ya Master...dinner?  Ummmm white fish with wine sauce, zucchini and rice pilaf."  really you wanted to know this now?  "You'll be home at the usual time and yes Master mouse will try not to over cook the fish."  

A few minutes later he sends another text.  

"Come for me."  

Now there is something about those words...put together in that way that just sends mouse over the edge.   Now honestly, she might not actually orgasm, but the shivers those words cause is almost as good. 

Just almost


  1. He's playing cat to your mouse, mouse. Sounds like mostly fun.

    I almost always over cook the fish, no matter how hard I try. The only time I don't is when I make stir fry Mahi Mahi. Go figure.

  2. My mouse,

    The fish last night was not terrible. As to the rest, I sense we both know the answer to your dilemma.

    Other than that, you continue to serve me well.


  3. KellyRed...oh wow hadn't thought of that! What mouse does to chicken is worse.

    Master???? Honestly, mouse is not playing stupid...


  4. What an awful game! Well, I suppose that depends on the perspective you take. I bet Omega thinks it is such a wonderful and clever little game ;). I would hate for Andrew to think up a similar game. I think I would cry!

  5. Alice,

    It totally is an awful game! One that mouse doubts will be stopping anytime soon.


  6. It is a mean game mouse...but there is a prize at the end of it.:)
    HS xx

  7. mouse, your post made me smile this morning while I'm sipping my coffee and thinking about my day ahead. Hope you enjoy the weekend!

    valley girl

  8. I like the results of your test, mouse. Very cute.

  9. I love your blog! Time to just stop bookmarking, I'll definitely be following from now on =) I love the things Master does to you!


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