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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Just another day

Good morning,

Yesterday was just another day in the world of mouse.   Omega left detailed instructions and mouse sent a text message as each one was completed but oddly enough the replies from Omega included the words, good slave.  That is something that Omega rarely calls mouse after his little blowup on mouse's blog last year denouncing the term, "slave."   Later that evening as we went through the evening rituals, mouse was very quiet.  Embracing the focus rules, kinda like wrapping herself up in them.  It's odd but they all point toward slavery, yet only one mentions that word specifically and that one isn't part of her focus rules.  Quietly mouse pondered that as she bathed while Omega watched.  Upon exiting the tub, Omega dried her off, rubbing vigorously her body, using the time to examine her fading marks.

As he slipped her nightgown over her head, he kissed her forehead and commented that he wasn't going to wrap her tightly tonight, just to see how it goes.  He left the nightgown unbuttoned in the front to allow him access to her breasts.  After asking him permission to enter the bed, Omega immediately began to torture various parts of mouse's body and sex.  He seemed pleased as the tears fell down her cheeks as he basked in his sadistic glory.  Yesterday morning, after waking him, he gave her five minutes to orgasm and this time she didn't waste any time, tho it had been embarrassing to have him watch it.

When he was finished with the maintenance he pulled her close to him, wrapping himself around her instead of the heavy blanket.  We didn't speak at all, not that mouse could form any meaningful words after having his fist in there.  Oddly enough though without that heavy blanket she slept fitfully.

It's just that we haven't talked it seemed in the longest time and yet...dunno.  The words aren't needed.


  1. Being called "slave" to me is so...odd. I used to think I hated it but now I don't know how I feel.

  2. Words are not always needed.

    "When he was finished with the maintenance he pulled her close to him, wrapping himself around her instead of the heavy blanket."

    Beautiful. So very beautiful.



  3. Mockingbird,

    Omega and mouse have really been back and forth with the idea of slavery. The truth for us is that it's really about total submission. He will call mouse slave to get a response.


  4. Alice,

    He's really wonderful--most of the time.



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