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Friday, February 4, 2011

Just searching really. Are you aware of Mandelian Genetics? I am not currently involved with anyone, but I am trying to figure out why I am so mild and obedient. It is confusing to me. People make fun of me at times, but I just like everything to be nice.

Greetings Khadijah47,

Interesting subject and one that mouse must admit she hasn't read a lot about. However, there have been articles written on related subjects, such as the effect of spanking to help ease depression. Also, at one time there were studies conducted in the 1950s advocating female circumcision, because they believed it would increase submission in a strong-willed woman.

This mouse isn't convinced that liking everything nice has anything to do with submission. As mouse followed the link you provided she turned to Omega. He agreed while there might be a submissive gene, however we can't ignore personal experience, which contribute. There is, he pointed out a gene which predispose certain people toward violence, like the so-called serial-killer gene. However, this hypothesis turned out to be flawed. Because not everyone that had this gene was in fact a serial killer.

Many people confuse submission with wanting things "nice." Submission is more about giving up control to another.


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  1. I think a portion of our personalities is genetics... but a larger portion stems from our environments, life experiences, and even our choices. We are people of free will... that means we can even choose to go against our own genetic natures.




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