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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Timing is everything

Good morning,

The past few days have found mouse drifting in and out of some weird headspace the whole weekend,  with just a touch from Omega her mind would instantly begin to wander.  This wasn't always a good thing, surprise slaps and tugs, mild corrections here and there really kept mouse in the present.  Naturally mouse is again forbidden to orgasm but it's not being met with the usual crankiness, just this sense of confusion.   It surrounds her constantly, it's so hard to concentrate to really focus on the most mundane of tasks.  It's setting mouse up for mild corrections.  His lists have become, as a result, more detailed as though he's bringing mouse more under his control, but oddly it's a place where she feels very safe.  To top things off he's stepped up maintenance in the morning and adding a little in the evening as well.  The evening maintenance only involves pain, but doesn't include any forceful hitting.  He just tortures mouse a little to help her sleep more fitfully.  It works.

During the day more now than ever she relies on him.  Part of her resents the hell out of that -- the small part of her that still believes she doesn't need him.  Yet mouse has become increasingly needy, she will send him a text when she completes a task (she used to just send a text when she finished the list).  He will sometimes respond encouragingly.  Sometimes he says nothing and mouse instantly begins to worry (forgetting that he's busy during the day and can only text at certain times) if maybe he felt she was taking too long or he's not pleased with her.  It's whacky and deep inside mouse knows it.

All this does have an upside, it seems in this foggy headspace mouse has been in does wonders for her cooking skills.  Not sure why, but the only reason for that Omega could come up with, was that maybe it forces mouse to slow down.  Read twice and really be sure of what she's doing before she starts.


  1. *smiles* it sounds like you got one step closer to truely become His'... embrace it :)


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