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Monday, February 21, 2011

All about mouse

Good morning,

When Omega came home from work Friday evening he found the house cleaned, a cocktail waiting for him and dinner was a few minutes from plating. He seemed pleased with mouse and especially enjoyed what she was wearing. A very pretty blue A-line skirt, with a white blouse. Under the blouse when the light hit it just right was a hint of her bra. The bra is really a misnomer, it doesn't cover the breasts, but just lifts them from under.

Omega smiled and if he was tired, he didn't say, only remarked that denial agrees with mouse. Not exactly what mouse was looking for, but she remained quiet. After taking his suit jacket and loosening his tie, she handed him his drink.

He brought the martini to his lips and paused. He looked at mouse and told her to drink it first, in case it was poison. Silly Master. After mouse took a sip, O drank some, commented it was very good and kissed mouse hello. Ok mouse kissed him....hard using tongue...

Through the thin cloth of the blouse he tugged on the nipple ring and gave a firm, not now. He skipped going upstairs, washed his hands in the downstairs bathroom, while mouse carried his heavy briefcase into his study. Then returned to the kitchen and finished dinner while Omega read the paper. Over dinner we talked about the day but after dinner Omega wanted to know how mouse was really doing.  Being totally honest mouse told him that she was having a really hard time that day, but then started reading the pages on her blog. Not the main page, but the pages of O's expectations. We also talked about the weeks posts, how mouse felt specifically about that days post, along with other thoughts she's been having all week.

He smiled that evil, crooked smile of his and said he understood.

After tidying up, mouse brought Omega a cup of hot water and lemon and asked for permission to chat, turiya must be on and maybe we could catch up a little. O said that he would appreciate a foot rub first, so mouse fetched the lotions and went to work on his feet. He asked if mouse was going to complain to her friend about what a mean Master she has.

"No, Master, at least not much," the slave admitted.

He chuckled and told her to go upstairs and wait for him there. At that moment all mouse could think was another three minutes...and sighed.

Upstairs mouse undressed, lit candles, nervously paced and waited for her Master. He turned up a few minutes later and started to fill the tub. He took off his shirt and tie, then removed his pants and underwear, while mouse watched. The large tub fills slowly as mouse went before her Master on her knees, begging to worship his body. Tears that seemed to come from nowhere spilled down her cheeks as she kissed his lower body. Telling him over and over how sorry she was for crying. He shushed her and climbed into the tub and pulled her in after him. There is nothing she likes more than this, lying skin to skin with her Master in the tub, listening to the slow steady sound of his heart beating.

Eventually, he said it was time to get out.   He gently pushed mouse forward and climbed out first, then he took mouse's hand and helped her out.  Omega reached for a towel and dried her off, this was different from the sadist of the last week.  He was attentive and loving as he kissed each of the marks he left the past weekend.  As he toyed seductively with her body, he repeated the no orgasm command...which honestly mouse struggled with.  He helped tho, bringing her to very edge and waiting before bringing her back to edge as his tongue did evil things around the rings.

Eventually he mounted his mouse, thrusting himself inside her and making her moan with whorish delight.  When he finally gave the command to orgasm, mouse's whole body shook and he finished a second after.  Omega held mouse close, as he whispered something into her ear, but he said it so quietly mouse couldn't quite hear it and asked him to repeat it.

"You got your pleasure, now you will suffer for mine."

Totally nonplussed mouse just looked at him and said, "Well, that was really nice while it lasted."


  1. Sounds amazing. I love how tension and frustration so unbearable at first, can settle and build a deeper closeness.

  2. Oh Sir... really... she doesn't complain to me all that much. And even when she does, I know it's out of love. :-D

    And mouse... yeah... when you didn't come online that night I had high hopes... I mean really high hopes. I'm glad I was right!



  3. mouse, sounds like a wonderful evening at home :)

    valley girl

  4. sounds lovely the drying thing always gets to me.


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