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Friday, February 18, 2011


Good morning,

Late during the night mouse couldn't stop wiggling beneath her heavy blanket, swaddled tightly against her to prevent this sort of movement.  Earlier that evening Master had used the girl heavily for his own pleasure and denied her orgasm.  Honestly not really trying to wake Omega, but secretly hoping she would.  A hard tug and twist of her nipple wordlessly commanded her to settle down.  Eventually she did, closed her eyes and was haunted by erotic dreams that never seemed to finish or really begin.  Hearing the alarm, she finally began to wriggle out of her heavy blanket and climbed out of bed, putting on her heavy robe and fuzzy slippers. Omega had forbidden her from wearing anything to bed the previous night, which just drove her crazy.

Quietly she went downstairs and started the day but didn't blog, decided she would do that later this morning when her head cleared a bit more.  Soon enough it was time to wake Omega, who was very soundly sleeping.  VERY soundly.   No part of his body was awake yet, which was very unusual.  Carefully mouse pulled her hair back and bent over him, gently laying her lips on the tip.  It twitched as she took it into her mouth (at least something was easy to wake up around here).  Savoring his salty and somewhat sweet taste she inhaled sharply smelling her juices still on him from the previous night.  As he grew stiff she began to suck him harder, she could hear his breathing catch and followed by a short groan of pleasure.  His erection filled her mouth, pushing toward the back of the throat as she attempted to swallow him, if only she could.  Soon she felt his hands grasping her hair, pushing her onto him deeper, thrusting in and out of her mouth.  Soon he exploded and she feverishly worked hard to swallow every drop.  Dutifully after she licked his shaft clean as he sat up in the bed, arranged a pillow and sipped his coffee.  He pulled mouse close to him and she straddled his hip.  Really she hadn't meant to do that, but she was begging for her own release.  When he realized what it was she was actually doing, he slapped her rear and told her to move.  

"You're really in a bad way." It was not a question more like an observation.

"Yes Master." 

"How long has it been?"  

"Not since Valentines day, Master."  

"Ah, Monday, of course..." His hands began to rub mouse's rear, in that probing way he has.  "Well," looking at his watch, "we have a little extra time, you have three minutes to cum, so get moving mouse."  

"3 minutes, Master?"  mouse blinked and he said it was now 2:45 seconds.  At that moment her mind screamed...WTF?

Quickly she sat up and parted her legs.  

He shook his head, "no mouse you do it. 2:26 left"  


Greedily mouse moved her hand, her face burning with embarrassment.  This has to be the WORST.  Yet she needed that orgasm.  Fingers gently working the clitoris, then beginning to slide down when she was met with a slap.

"Just the upper part mouse, nothing lower."  

Shit! Feverishly mouse stroked the fiery inflamed clitoris.  So many things running through her head, primarily would there be enough time....

"STOP.  Time's up slave.  Did you manage it?" Of course he knew the answer, "Oh well, better luck next time.  Tell me mouse have you journaled yet today?  I think this would make a good post, don't you agree?  Well, either way get to your duties and I'll see you downstairs."  


  1. I really need to quit reading this first thing in the morning.

    mouse, you do an excellent job of writing about these experiences. even if you don't necessarily enjoy what actually happens.

    and Omega, i would be remiss for not complimenting you as well. Thank you sir for using mouse so well and allowing us a glimpse into your world.

  2. Evil evil man! lol. Perhaps later this evening he'll let you try again...

    I hope so for your sake. I hate it when Andrew does that to me.

  3. groan... lol i would be in a state.

  4. So mean... I mean... just so mean... and cruel too... horribly rotten and cruel. Should I get you a sign for your door that reads "Beware the Sadist"?

    Three minutes, Sir? Wow... I mean... wow... that's just so not happening.

    Damn, girl... I hope you get some relief soon, but judging from this I don't know... I think he's having too much fun.

    "Beware the Sadist"... getting that for ya straight away!



  5. Oh my gosh you must be going crazy right now. Poor thing!

  6. They think this is fun. Doms...

  7. ouch, i know that feeling well (((hugs)))

  8. was....

    wiscbone...thanks it's hard sometimes writing down these experiences, but it also helps mouse too. glad mouse isn't alone

    alisha...mouse groaned too.

    turiya...mouse tried and he enjoyed watching it.

    Mockingbird...just had to focus harder.

    sin....ya..they do.

    saffy...yep, there's comfort in knowing it. No relief, but comfort.

    Thanks for all the comments!


  9. I'm sure he did... Asha got a chuckle out of it too. Hehehe...



  10. I tried to comment last night but all I could think was "just reading this is frustrating. 3 minutes??? eek!!" apparently I've got nothing new this morning either lol.

  11. Geez about frustration lol. I'm a new reader..Thanks for sharing ^_^


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