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Thursday, February 17, 2011

body aches

Good morning,

The welts are still soooo there.  Some have started to turn dark while others...well the others will just be around much longer...Most Masters, mouse supposes, are big on giving orders to their slaves.  Orders they do kinda expect to be carried out.  The number one thing on the list was to insert the plug and wear it for several hours in the morning.  And mouse completely forgot.  Now of course mouse could have lied to him and said that she had when she knew she had forgotten.  Omega calmly asked mouse to follow him upstairs, once there he lifted mouse's skirt and told her to bend over.  He lubed her rear and pushed in the medium plug.  Then fondled her clitoris.  It didn't take long for the burning to start (he added a drop of tooth paste to it, which was also on his finger) and then said he was going to shower and to have dinner on the table when he came downstairs.

Trying to stay focused on the final preparations of dinner was difficult.  It hurt to move and now with this burning....well, it was distracting.  Conversation over the meal was difficult to maintain as mouse really wanted to escape into a quiet world, but the talk kept mouse firmly in the here and now.  After dinner Master helped with loading the dishwasher and washing the pans.  He commented that the rice was a little sticky.  Quickly mouse apologized for that, but really she wanted to cry.  It was nearly an hour later when the burning had subsided and mouse was in the study with him, seated on the floor beside his chair.  No reading, not talking, just sitting and being still.  He kept his leg beside mouse the whole time he worked.

When it was time for rituals mouse went through silently, removed the plug before slipping into the bath and washed her nether regions.  After she washed the plug and placed it on an old dish rack high up in the closet away from prying eyes.  Omega was upstairs holding her shoulders and asking if she was still minty fresh down there...mouse inhaled sharply and said she washed.  He kissed mouse's head and waited for her ask permission to come to bed, which mouse did. He wrapped her in the heavy blanket and pressed himself close to behind her.


  1. mouse..i just love the honesty and devotion(on both parts)to the rules and rituals of your relationship with Omega.and swaddling you and holding you close is simply beautiful.*hugs*

  2. His mountain girl...this mouse couldn't agree more.



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