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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

High gear

Good morning,

When Omega asked her to write about her day to day life, the mouse had no idea how many words it would take to explain it all.  The morning alone was an entire post.

Omega departs for work, mouse begins her own daily tasks.  Tidying the kitchen, loading the dishwasher, wiping-down the counter tops, checking the fridge, looking through the freezer, planning the evening meal. Meanwhile A shows up, fixing himself a bowl of cereal and takes his meds for the day.  Then she runs upstairs and makes the bed, changes quickly into sweatpants and goes to the gym, dropping A along the way to wherever he needs to be.  After the gym it's time for errands sometimes with A, depending on what going on.

If mouse has a meeting to attend she tries to schedule that in late morning time.

When we get home, we start working on the homeschooling stuff.  He works, while mouse tidies the house, or helps him depending on what he's doing (he's pretty good at independent computer stuff).   Laundry is done, folded and put away before lunch.  It's during the folding of clothes that mouse continues pondering her focus rules and makes notes in a small notebook she keeps with her at all times.

After lunch A is tired, needing a break, we go for a walk with the dog.  Chitchatting along the way about whatever he wants to talk about.  We head home and it's time for the second phase of the day, more homeschooling stuff.  Mostly reading and comprehension, some history but lots of reading and writing.  When he's finished with his work (we must negotiate how much he'll do each day before hand) it's time for him to relax and mouse kicks herself into high gear, working and other random tasks until Omega comes home from work.  Around two hours before Omega is due home, mouse starts cooking dinner.  Thankfully, most of the prep is done earlier in the week.  A big time saver!  Checking the time knowing how long it will take to cook is very important to getting the meal nearly table ready when Omega comes through the door.  Also, the next day's meal will be planned out then (frozen stuff taken out of freezer, etc).

When Omega does come through the door, like clockwork, as she's written in the past she waits to listen, since that will be the first clue on how his day went.  Greeting him warmly, offering him a cocktail and throwing together the final prep of the meal is all she can think about at this moment.  Her focus is completely on him and his needs.  Anticipating his needs can be difficult but she's gotten good at picking up on his tells.  He'll sip his cocktail and go upstairs to change his clothes most days.  If he has more time, he'll grab a quick shower.  When he comes downstairs, he sits at the table and mouse is ready to serve him. Now, mouse would say that every meal is a Rockwell experience, but that's hardly true.  Breakfast is easy, mouse rarely screws that up.  Dinner...well that can be dicy.  It's a gamble really.  A crap shoot, will dinner be good or horrible...who knows?  Sometimes mouse will put in lots of effort only to hear comments like it's ok.  That's code for it's warm, cooked and somewhat palatable, while other times, mouse puts in hardly any effort and gets raves.  If she tries to reproduce it, it never works.  Clearly when it comes to cooking on a daily basis, mouse is a one hit wonder.  We talk about the day, small talk about work, weather and other stuff.  If there are any issues that require his attention, they are waiting for him on his desk in the study and aren't discussed until then.

For dinner we've clearly given up on spectacular and shoot for, "ok."  At least he's never said that something was so horrible he'd never eat it.  But mouse isn't so sure he hasn't thought that a time or two. After dinner we clean-up generally together and he takes out the trash.  He'll vanish for a while into his study to work and often these days mouse joins him sitting on the sofa in there reading other times she'll sit on the floor by his feet.  Again there's anticipation of his needs that goes on, would he want some warm water with lemon?  Another glass of wine, and mouse would be very remiss if she didn't admit that she spent more time glancing up at Omega than down at her book.  The quiet time is nice though, between us, but mouse is instructed to be still while in the study so we don't talk during that time.  During the day mouse, as needed, mouse will leave notes for him regarding things that might need his attention.  Most days mouse just leaves a note saying how much she loves him.  The mail is also left on his desk, minus the junk throwaway stuff.  

When he's finished with his work, he'll tell mouse it's ritual time.  Together now we go upstairs, mouse removes her clothing and begins to fill the tub.  More time is spent thinking about the focus rules.  His eyes never leave her.  Sometimes she becomes a little embarrassed at the attention.  When she's finished thinking, she begins to wash herself (the way he's instructed).  Then she will drain the tub of water, dry off and climb out of the tub.  Omega then hands mouse the nightgown she is to wear for the evening, and watches as she brushes her teeth.  Usually by now mouse is sleepy.

He positions mouse onto the bed and swaddles her in a heavy blanket.   He positions himself so that his arm rests on her breasts, where he gently toys with the rings.  We talk about the day.  It's rarely a heavy conversation.  The blanket restricts mouse's movements throughout the night, so Omega can lay beside her undisturbed.


  1. I tried out the idea of doing the food prep for the week like you suggested and OMG... it saves so much time! It's incredible. I made chili last night for dinner and usually it's like a 3 hour affair. I just threw stuff into the pot, cooked it up and bam... done an hour and a half later... I almost feel like I made a boxed meal or something. LOL

    I wish our day could be that structured... it would be soooooo nice. Maybe when Tornado is a bit older, but right now... nope... doesn't work.



  2. But this account makes me wonder - when does Omega spend time with his son? I get that this isn'nt an account of As day, but of yours, but still. If he comes home, eat dinner, work in his study, then goes to bed - when does he hang out with his kid?

  3. c,

    Interesting query. Although mouse did not mention it, I spend time with him over breakfast and dinner. Often after dinner as well. I hope this sufficiently addresses the mater.


  4. Thank you! Yes, it does. I actually had second thoughts the moment I'd pushed the "send"-button, because I did not want to offend you. I hope I didn't!

    I'm in the middle of the process of working through "how do you have a D/s-relationship when you're parents" myself, so I guess that triggered my question. But I also guess that the big difference is that our kid is 1,5 and doesn't really do anything for herself yet (nor sleep at night). That's a whole other situation...

  5. I'm simply jealous ... Wishing I was mouse today!!!

    lil' heaven

  6. It's so hard for mouse to realize how much she needs order and lots of discipline. But now she sees it.

    Thanks for all the comments!



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