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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Friendly neighborhood Sadist

Good morning,

Sorry but mouse was a little too fuzzy this morning to gather her thoughts together at the normal time.  ;-)

After making sure that mouse posted something yesterday Omega remarked later that evening that her account of the events over the weekend was very accurate, considering how out of it, mouse was.  He didn't comment on anything else.  He looked at the welts and marks left behind from the whips and seemed pleased by them.  He noted a few must be very painful, but also seemed proud of himself that only the area between mouse's breasts and above the knees were marked.  He checked between mouse's legs and saw a raised area around her clitoris, commenting that must have smarted.  It did each time mouse moved as did all of them.

Omega when he's on a sadistic bent can be most clever when making mouse suffer in many different ways and last night was no different.  Once finished with his examination,  Omega told mouse to bend over, he took out the plug, lubed it up and told mouse to insert it, she'd be wearing that for the evening.  Then he took out the vibrating egg and placed that himself.  He made it buzz several times and then without so much as second thought, ordered mouse over his knee, something we don't normally do.

He spanked her hard with his hand, twenty-five times on each cheek, while mouse counted them off, all the while the egg hummed deep inside her making her crazy, bringing her to just to the edge of orgasm.   Then he stopped, removed the egg, left the plug in place and told mouse to dress for evening, she thanked him and hurried to find her longish black dress.  At the last minute he changed what she would wear, choosing instead a tight red dress that was just above the knee.  Black strappy heels that are nearly high enough to give mouse nosebleeds.  He gave her a wrap and a small bag to carry and led her down the stairs and out the door.   We had dinner reservations and were running late thanks to mouse.  For a moment mouse really believed this was a romantic gesture for St Valentine's Day.  It really wasn't.

We met the other couples at the restaurant, two other couples mouse didn't really know very well, but  are colleagues of O's.   We talked, mouse made small talk but ever so often saw a look of disapproval on Omega's face -- what was she doing wrong, mouse couldn't be sure.  Omega ordered for mouse (which the other women found terribly romantic), but it wasn't something she'd really enjoy.  Yet mouse had to pretend it was exactly what she wanted.  After dinner the dessert wagon went passed us.  The chocolate mousse looked divine, but instead mouse said nothing about it.  Omega did ask if mouse wanted dessert and she politely declined (again something in his eyes said dessert was out).  At the end of the evening, after the obligatory, "we really must do this again..." Omega led mouse of the restaurant and back to his car.  During the ride home, mouse's mind wandered far from where she was and had no clue Omega was talking to her.  He chuckled and said that mouse was spacey all night.  He found it a little amusing.

Back home she saw on the table a huge bouquet of roses.  Was that there before and how did she miss it?  He had brought it in while she dressed and since we were running so late she hadn't seen it when we left.  Smiling brightly she picked up the card and opened it, scrawled out in his hand read:


And it was signed, Your friendly neighborhood sadist.

After he paid and made sure the sitter got home safely, he met mouse upstairs and seemed happy she was still dressed.  He removed her dress, kissed her deeply and told her how important she was to him.  He check again the marks, making mouse shiver and had her bend over to remove the plug.  No swaddling that night for mouse and no nightgown either.   He gave mouse something for the pain of the welts and led her to bed.  After allowing mouse to orgasm to the pain he was inflicting, she fell asleep.  The best Valentines Day ever!


  1. "friendly neighborhood sadist"

    I wanted to say that is adorable, but it doesn't seem like the correct term. Very clever.
    Glad your Valentine's Day was the best :) Have a good day mouse.

  2. I love it! Friendly Neighborhood Sadist... that's great, lol. Sounds like a perfect Valentine outing.

  3. It's weird... I have so much to say about this and yet... nothing comes to mind. Makes no sense... I know... glad you had a good evening though... and that was really sweet with the roses (and funny... with the card)... I think my mind is fuzzy atm.



  4. Ally...valentines day was memorable.


    Turiya.....just hugs!

    A hidden slave....thanks

    Thanks for the comments!



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