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Monday, February 14, 2011

Return of the Sadist

Good morning,

Today is Valentine's day and mouse can feel the panic from all the men.  Saturday, Omega took mouse out for a wonderful evening.  We went to that jazz club with Lucy and Schroeder.  We had a great time and got home quite late, O took the sitter home and we settled on the sofa for a night-cap, well he was on the sofa and mouse was on the floor. We talked mostly about how things have been lately for us.  Going pretty smoothly actually.  His hands were on mouse's shoulder, touching her and making her squirm.  He seems to like it when mouse squirms around a little, boldly mouse inched herself closer to him.  Omega stopped touching mouse and just looked at her.  That deep penetrative stare that makes mouse twitch a little and caused mouse to lower her eyes to him and bite her lip in a most self conscious way.

He tilted his head and just continued staring at the mouse at his feet.  This was a moment, a time when mouse was really at a loss at what to do.  He seemed to be waiting for something.  It made her uncomfortable.  His drink was still nearly full, so asking him if he wanted another would be stupid.   Instead mouse reached out and untied his shoes and removed them.  Almost unconsciously she began to massage his feet.  Omega broke the silence saying mouse didn't need to do that.  Instead he reached with his hand and unzipped her dress.  More lip chewing followed as mouse slipped it off her shoulders and suddenly felt very exposed there on the living room floor.  He pulled and tugged at the nipple rings.  He was smiling which put mouse at ease.

Then he said that mouse was going to hurt.  He needed to hurt her.  He needed her to cry and beg for mercy which would never come.  He stood and told mouse to get into the basement, leave the dress upstairs (which meant walking down the back steps wearing just a corset, fully exposed breasts, garter belt and everything below exposed hose and heels). Thankful we live in a densely wooded area because she knew no one would see her, it was indeed very private but still the thought of it.  Not sure why but mouse just stared at him blankly and felt his palm touch her cheek.  Slap!  Get moving!  Slap!

Scrambling to her feet, stepping out of the dress mouse walked to the door, outside the air was crisp and damp, she made her way carefully down the stairs with Omega following.  Arriving at the basement door before him and watched as he took his time.  He reached into his pocket and pulled out his keys in almost slow motion.  Then he unlocked the door, stepped inside and turned on the light.

Once inside he didn't have to tell mouse to kneel at his feet.  He walked toward the play space and she crawled behind him and didn't watch as he unlocked the padlocked door.  The only thing running through mouse's mind were his words that mouse needed to sufferer.  This was going to hurt.  He opened it and stepped inside, telling mouse to go into her kennel, attach the wrist and ankle cuffs and insert the penis gag (all were waiting on top of the cage).  He removed his jacket and loosened his tie.  He went about whistling and readying the room.  He returned, telling mouse to get out of the cage and attached a length of chain to the wrist cuffs, securing them together with maybe a foot of slack.  He placed mouse into position using the low beam and attaching the chain to a hook there.  Then he pulled her legs and attached the chain to a large gauge eye-hook on the floor, then repeated with the other leg.  This allowed for very little movement but full access all around.  He seemed to be admiring the sight while mouse did her best not to look frightened but instead very serene.  He apologized in advance as he took out a length of black cloth and slipped it over her eyes, securing it behind her.  Damn!  In an instant the corset was off.  Air swirled around her as she tried to stay calm, maybe he was using a fan?  Omega enjoys distractions.  Suddenly the sound of music playing,  Nine Inch Nails...Double damn.

He was by her side, whispering or maybe even shouting into her ear something but she really couldn't understand.  The music was too loud.  Then she felt it the searing pain, again and again.  Fast at first then they'd slow and come again faster.  The single tail stung her as she screamed into the gag.  The reaction is to try to move, escape even when you know it's hopeless.  The loud music and blindfold only serve to confuse.  There was no escape, soon mouse found herself mentally seeking escape.  No part of her body was spared by the whip, except her hands, face, neck and feet.  Around her thighs between her legs, every part at one point was kissed by the whip.  The silent cries behind the gag were barely audible.  At last, mouse gave up.  Stopped trying to get it to stop and went where the pain took her.  At some point he switched to different crops, floggers and whips.  This continued until his appetite was sated by the mouse, then he turned off the music, unhooked the wrist cuffs and allowed her crumple onto the floor.   He removed the gag, knowing mouse wouldn't be capable of screaming anymore and she held onto him burying her face into his crotch, while he unhooked mouse's ankles.

He backed away slowly and attached a length of cord to each nipple ring and directed her toward the cage.  Then he told her to get up, when she didn't respond fast enough, he made her get up and pushed her against the cage.  Cleverly he attached the other end of the cords to the cage itself and spread her legs.  Trying to beg was pointless, but it didn't stop from trying, crying and sobbing begging for it to be over with.  He plunged himself into her roughly slamming her body against the cage.  Never once did mouse realize the cage could double for fucking.  It held her at the perfect height for him to use her.  The attached cords didn't allow for much movement so each thrust was horribly painful.  And oh so erotic.  The sound of his sex sloshing about all her juices was this horrible giveaway to mouse that she wanted this.  When he was finished, he unhooked her nipples and let her crumble a little.  A tiny voice from within her croaked out a "thank you Master," and she went to work licking him clean.  Autopilot at that point or maybe just a sign of her training.

Not sure how long passed when mouse woke, secured in her cage, with the cage door locked.  No panic, in fact nothing really entered her mind, she just closed her eyes and fell back asleep.  The next time she opened her eyes the cage door was open and Omega was sitting near by with his laptop.  He smiled at mouse and mouse returned the smile.  He asked if she was ready to get out of the cage and mouse shook her head no.  He said nothing but offered mouse a drink of water by sliding a bottle between the bars.  The bottle was empty quickly as mouse found herself incredibly thirsty and hungry too.  Slowly mouse ventured out of the cage and crawled to Omega.  He stroked her hair.

As mouse looked up at him for a moment she saw the glint in his eyes and the smirk on his face.  The sadist was back!


  1. Now that is a perfect Valentine's Day.
    Thank you for sharing, mouse.
    I enjoy very much reading about your everyday life and these times. Makes me think that the fantasy I've had of being owned could someday be a reality.

  2. Oh mouse....oh mouse...what can I say?
    *hugs and smiles* and wow

  3. Omega certainly knows how to play with your mind as well as your body! I love your excitement at the end when you wrote, "The sadist is back!"

    It certainly sounds like you both had an extremely enjoyable time. :)


  4. quite a contrast between the domestic scene just before this and this post!

  5. wiscbone....Finding the right guy/Dom isn't easy but when you's golden.

    hidden slave...Thanks was fun and even a little freak.

    Alice...Omega does and knows what buttons to push. is and very unexpected!



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