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Friday, February 11, 2011


Good morning,

In the early morning hours the mouse lay in bed, still and quietly listening to the sound of Omega's breathing.  Slow and even, for a moment she thought about how lucky the slave is to Omega in her life.   Unconsciously she moved a little in the bed and squirmed within her swaddling.  Instinctively she felt his arms tighten around her, so she remained perfectly still and waited for the alarm to signal the beginning of the day.  When the alarm sounded, she squirmed her arm out of binding, turns the alarm off and wriggled her way out.  Closing the bathroom door behind her (it's dark and she needs to turn on a light) she began her morning ritual.  Carefully, she removes her night dress and begins to clean herself, pondering her focus rules and brushes her teeth.  Then she puts on her bathrobe, fuzzy slippers and pads off down the hall and down the stairs.  A quick check of email, calendar and blogging and her day is ready to start.  Most mornings she goes outside into the cold to fetch the morning paper and places that beside his plate.  After putting the kettle on, she starts prepping for breakfast.  Emptying the dishwasher, cutting the fruit, turning on the oven and setting the table are all part of the tasks.  Quickly she grinds the beans for his coffee and normally just as the kettle begins to whistle she's ready to take it from the burner.  Now she knows, four minutes until waking Omega.

She tries to anticipate what he will want for breakfast and makes certain to have several things to offer him.   Will it be eggs? Maybe an omelette?  Perhaps he'll want a scone with it, she checks the fridge to make sure some are waiting to be baked (thankfully they are).  Depending on his agenda, it could be just some fruit and a hard-boiled egg.  The bases are thoroughly covered as mouse pours Omega's coffee and steals a single sip as she goes upstairs.

Carefully she places the coffee cup on the bedside table and opens her bathrobe, kicks off the slippers and searches until she finds him and takes him into her mouth.  Again depending on his schedule, she might finish or he might stop her, take a sip of coffee and start his morning routine.  If he does that she feels a little dejected from him, but tries to understand.  If there is extra time, he might pull her on top of him or push her beneath him.  He could use her mouth forcefully and make her choke on his seed.  It's up to him.  When he gets up from the bed, mouse dutifully hands him his robe and goes into the bathroom ahead of him, turning on the shower (so the water can warm a little) and arranges his things just the way he likes them.  Carefully also, mouse will ask him about his breakfast choices and preferences as she carries his coffee cup and sets it down on the counter.

He settles on what he wants and mouse hurries downstairs to make the preparations.  Orange is sliced just as he likes, arranged on the plate.  Pops a few scones into the oven and takes out an egg.  On the table goes his hot sauce and other condiments (jelly, cream cheese, a dollop of peanut butter).   Heating the pan, she breaks the egg, careful not to disturb the yolk.  The buzzer (a two minute warning) alerts her to dropping the egg into the hot pan.  You can really set your watch by Omega.  She knows that right now at this moment he is finishing shaving.  He's dressing and she's flipping the egg.  He's coming down the stairs and she's plating it.  He enters the kitchen and she's arranging the freshly baked scones into a basket.  He greets her warmly, kissing her and making her swoon. He sits and she serves him.  Before he can ask for some pepper, she's there with the grinder in hand.  He'll share bits about coming day, go over mouse's to do list among other things.  When it's time for him to leave she fusses over him and believes he likes that.


  1. I'm loving these posts Mouse. Thank you for sharing them with us.

    Hope you both have a wonderful weekend.


  2. mouse, That's a wonderful morning routine. It made me feel all warm inside... :)

  3. mmm i think i am comming to your house for breakfast , or i should ask if there could be more variety.
    Now this one is hungry

  4. Your post made me smile. I very much enjoy reading your blog!

    Smile Bunches,

    Gracie xx

  5. These are the types of posts that give me that extra "oomph" to keep knocking over those hurdles in our way. Truly inspiring, mouse.

    Thank you, both, for sharing what some perceive as the "mundane" parts of this style of relationship.

    Now, how about you developing a mail order business for these scones?

  6. :-D Just like you've gotten used to a schedule and routine... I think I've got to get used to a bit of spontaneity... definitely not something I'm very good at.

    I love it though... how predictable your mornings and stuff are. I sooooooo wish they were like that here.



  7. what a lovely peek into your day ...thank you :)

  8. Thanks for all the comments!



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