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Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Good morning,

When mouse thinks of that word, she envisions a ketchup bottle tipped and slowly being poured over a plate of french fries and Carly Simon singing in the background.

Yes, this mouse was truly a child of the 70s.

It occurred to mouse recently that often the anticipation of play and the emotional build-up is more exciting than the actual scene.  This has happened a few times.  Sorry Master but ya, there have been times where the build-up was better.  Not knowing exactly what will happen is sometimes part of the danger of TTWD.

Sometimes knowing just a snippet or participating in scene prep is enough to send mouse into mental over-drive.  Once in a while Omega will have mouse gather the supplies needed for a scene.  He enjoys going for the shock value of some of those items.  Like thumbtacks and sand paper.  The first time mouse saw those come up on the list, she thought her head would explode.  It was like...Thumbtacks...Sandpaper?  He's lost his mind!

The sandpaper and thumbtacks can be used in many clever ways.  But the thumbtacks, she's learned, are just for securing the sandpaper to objects.  That said, he's tacked them to walls, chairs, the spanking bench...lots of places.  Sometimes he'll ask for a specific number like 12 and three sheets of sandpaper.  Sometimes he doesn't use them at all, instead taking the scene into a different direction all together (he likes using distraction like a magician uses slight-of-hand).  He'll lead mouse into one thing and's all different.

For mouse the anticipation is probably 75% of the scene, which goes along with 90% of BDSM is mental.

So, the anticipation factor can't be ignored.  Even in the most spur-of-the-moment scenes where nothing is really planned for in advance and suddenly Master just has the 'urge' to be a little bad with mouse.  The anticipation might only last for a few short minutes, but it's better when it can go on for a few days.


  1. I love the mind fuck. I had to get my own switch last time and just the choosing of what Daddy would see as a proper switch had me going for hours.

  2. You are so right! I love wondering about the creative and devious thoughts Bill has rolling around in his mind. One of my favorite surprises is on long car trips when he tells me to reach under the seat and see what he has brought along for his amusement as well as that of the truckers driving by. I just never know, but the anticipation makes it even more wonderful. Great post!

  3. Oh my goodness, the anticipation... you are so right mouse. the anticipation really makes the scene, even if there is only a little.

  4. You know... that's why I buy those squeezable ketchup bottles! Oh wait... this wasn't a post about ketchup? Damn... I love ketchup!

    Well anyway... I know exactly what you mean about anticipation, but truly I think it's the same in anything. You always get so excited over the prospect of the event, but then it's never as exciting as the build up. Like Christmas Day... and planning a day out at an amusement park.

    I mean yeah... it's fun... but nowhere near exciting as the anticipation. Probably because our imaginations go wild and we get all these different things going through our heads... most of which would probably never happen, but we think about it anyway as a possibility. There's no way the real thing can ever live up to what our imaginations can cook up.




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