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Wednesday, March 9, 2011


It is true, mouse and I fit together well.  Together we balance nicely. We also enjoy playing games, not mind or sexy ones (although they can have their place), but specifically board games.  Odd?  I think not.

One of mouse's favorite games and one she rarely loses at is Monopoly.  It is partly luck, the roll of the dice, but it is also strategy.  It is a game mouse rarely loses at.  Even if the luck or the dice do not work in her favor, she will hang on, quietly waiting for a misstep.  There it is, I roll and move my piece the number of squares and I find myself situated on her property with a hotel and very little capital.  While she may only own those three properties I end up having to mortgage something to keep her at bay.  I try to distinguish the best option (far away from where her piece lays).  Yet somehow she will make around the board without landing on single piece of my property.  She will pick off the other players acquiring their holdings as her own, before too long we are the only two left.  Her small fortune of hotels and houses seem to dominate one side of the board.  I am left bemused wondering how does she do that?

Sure I may own something in between, a utility or railroad, but it is unlikely that I will land on it.  She smells it, like a vulture circling but never grows impatient.  Once while I was in jail, she landed on Boardwalk, which I had three hotels and could not collect a dime.  I had miscalculated in not paying my bond, assuming that jail would be safer.  Then while I am chiefly unaware, she moves in for the first  of many kills.  I will land on a property she owns and not have the cash to pay her.  I must mortgage something maybe more than one property.  She will then suggest that perhaps I could simply give up a property instead.  This is always toward the end of the game when I have not yet realized that I have truly lost, but at the same time, nearly ready to call it a night.  I think to myself I will win it back, so with some reticence I hand over the property.   She bats her green eyes at me and before I realize it, she is quickly acquiring my properties.

I scrutinize each move she makes, analyzing, trying to discern her secret.

I have only one answer that suits me.

She cheats.


  1. Master!!!!!!!!!

    Your mouse would NEVER ever cheat!

    It's against her nature.

    [bats her green eyes at you]


  2. Haha! I only play monopoly to cheat, otherwise I don't have the patience for it. If you play with me you'd better keep your eyes on the board because if you don't the money in the pot will mysteriously disappear randomly, and often.

  3. WOO HOO! Finally someone who will actually be a challenge for me at monopoly! You do realize we'll have to find an online version now, right... so mouse and I can play together. Mwahahahaha!!!

  4. Your post totally made me lol! I think it is adorable you guys play board games together!

  5. As an unrepentant board game afficiando, I love this post. Although the accusations of cheating sound a little like sour grapes, Sir. I read mouse religeously, and can tell from her writing that she is above reporoach.

    ***bat blue eyes***
    (mouse, you can send the check)

  6. Is it sad that when I play this with Daddy, I cheat... if he's losing... FOR him?! Kinda pathetic, huh? lol

  7. mouse, perhaps a spell check would serve me better...hmf.

  8. mouse read carefully little butterfly's comment.

    Alice it would come as little surprise I would refrain from playing monopoly with you and I might be inclined to keep my wallet locked in a safe. :-)

    turiya a wonderful idea.

    Monkingbird we play many board games, it is good for my son as it is social, fun and teaches him to (coughs) a gracious loser.

    littlemonkey [oh why bother]

    little butterfly, you obviously have the right idea.

    Serve well,

  9. My sub (little butterfly) recommended your blog as a good one to follow, but I'm not seeing the usual "followers" with the button above it. Are you not open to new followers at this time?

  10. Sorry, please ignore that last comment. I'm not as familiar with blogging as butterfly, but I figured it out!

  11. Little and I both are avid chess players. It is still up to debate, whether she won our first game, or if it was me. Depends on who you ask. We are both very competitive and hate to loose. So we seldom ever play just one game of chess, usually best of 3.

    It never seams to cease to amaze me, the ways she can get herself out of certain annihilation, to come back and completely devastate me.

    But I have learned to take pride in the fact that her mind/will is strong enough to meet my challenge and on occasion prevail. I mean really, how much gratification would come from dominating some one with no will of their own to begin with.

  12. This story sounds strikingly familiar, but I am sure you are not my Cream.

    Our Monopoly games can last for long hours. Take your money and properties with you to the lavatory and there will always be accusations of cockroaches in the hotels and talentless callgirls.


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