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Monday, March 28, 2011

Being still

Good morning,

Daddy's voice told her not to move and she didn't want to disappoint him.  Kneeling on the floor, her arms bound behind her back, her eyes covered and nipple rings removed replaced with clamps, mouse trembled.

He made the clamps extra-tight, leaving her to think she'd just go blind from the pain coursing through her body.  Everything at once started to ache.  Tears welled in her eyes, hidden behind the blindfold.  No!  Her thoughts bit the tears back.  This was Daddy's time to watch, to quietly observe his girl and she wouldn't spoil it by starting to cry.  The minutes clicked by as she thought about everything she wasn't supposed to be thinking about.  He wanted her mind empty but it was full of a jumble of thoughts.

In that moment, he released one of the clamps, which made her feel unbalanced.  Her mind still full of thoughts, full of Daddy, her frustration and anger toward him -- he did this to her.  He released the other from the painful clamp, new pain coursed through although fleeting.  Something she hadn't noticed when he removed the first.

At last, her mind was quiet, peaceful and nothing bothered her, she was as deaf as she was blind.  Now the tears came, first caught by the mask, but then spilling down her warm cheeks.  Silently sobbing at the freedom she felt.

After what seemed days Daddy came over and unbound her arms, rubbing them and they felt like noodles; while the tears continued.  The safety, warmth of Daddy was more than she could stand.


  1. Beautiful mouse...the tears behind the poignant.

  2. It is such a sense of freedom when the thoughts cease, peace much relief that the tears flow.

  3. "At last, her mind was quiet, peaceful and nothing bothered her..."

    That right there, I need that. That de-cluttering of my mind. I'm actually in the middle of blogging about it. How perfect those words sounded to me, I had to take a moment to comment.

  4. *sigh* I wish I could have gotten there with pain instead of just being there... trying to be still... for 2 hours... damn that was hard. Sounds like it was exactly what you needed though.

    *big hugs*


  5. To all:

    Yes it is wonderful and blissful. This mouse is very lucky!



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