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Monday, March 7, 2011

Rules of Engagement

That thing we do, is different from what other people do...

What works well for us, might Not be the right move for others.  Yet there seems to be some similarities.  Omega plans scenes we do very carefully and takes a lot into consideration before we scene.  He plans carefully and sets the stage.  Sometimes they are for mouse's pleasure but most times they're for his own.  But that doesn't mean that it's not mutual.  Truly every time he gives the basement command, mouse knows what it's about, but she doesn't know the details of what will be done.  This is all about trust.  Being greedy for subspace mouse is often gone before it all begins.

But he plans it, takes into consideration all the variables he can think of.  If there are marks, he decides well in advance where they'll be.  He avoids areas that can cause damage, but he doesn't mind if there is bloodshed.  Again he's careful.  He knows if mouse has a meeting on Monday morning, he won't want marks to seen.  Things can always come up, so he's careful in his plans and is willing to change them at a moments notice without a smidgen of regret.   If he's not in the mood or finds mouse feeling off that will change plans.  We both have to be in the right mind-frame.  If mouse is the issue, he might alter the plans to heavy play instead of an intense scene.

He won't play hard with mouse unless he knows she'll have adequate time to recover and takes aftercare extremely seriously.  It's often a big contrast between The Sadist and the man who tends to mouse after the scene.  Truthfully, she adores them both.  Sometimes as we've learned recently aftercare is needed even when pain isn't involved or at least much.

He checks all his equipment before and again during the scene.  Yes accidents happen, the violet wand can burn, but he tries to limit those kinds of accidents.  RACK is what he follows, we both are aware of the other-all risks to our lifestyle and still we forge ahead.  Eyes open and aware.  It occurs to mouse that his job is waaaay harder because he can't let The Sadist completely free and must struggle sometimes to control that part of him.  However mouse trusts that he'll do just that.

And again she willingly tumbles down that rabbit hole.


  1. Shouldn't everyones' "thing they do" be done their own way - with conscientious, intentional decisions about what is done on the one hand, and honest awareness and feedback on the other?

  2. gg,

    Absofreakinglutely! There are things that should be done to insure safety....regardless of the dynamic.

    The point was that mouse does give a lot of deference and trust to Omega and doesn't expect to know every facet of a scene in advance and that might not sit well with some. Other's require a bit of pre-scene care as well as after-care.


  3. Mouse this is the first time I have read your blog. It's so well written and descriptive, you have a good insight into your own feelings and thoughts. I'm so impressed ...

  4. Malcome Sir...Thank you so much! Welcome to mouse's little corner of the web. It really wasn't always like that Sir, it's taken a long time to get to that point.

    turiya...As usual thanks!

    Thanks for the comments and hugs,

  5. mouse...Malcolm is right, it is well written and insightful.


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