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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

What a long strange trip...

Good morning,

It's almost odd how balanced things are these days, the tire spins without any excessive bouncing at all.   The road is often bumpy, full of potholes and other hazards, together as a unit we make it through.  For the most part through uncertain terrain he leads the way, but Omega is not afraid of asking for help.  He will listen to options and sets the course we should take.  He decides, but sometimes he makes mistakes because he's human.  It's happened and sometimes he's screwed up really big.  Maybe we're finally at the point where we can share in the blame for those missteps.  Not maybe, we are.  It's comforting.

It's strange that we don't argue like we used to either, it was as though the arguments stopped once Omega helped mouse realize that she wasn't meeting her potential.  Long ago now it seems Omega told mouse that he had no doubts that she would become his perfection and truthfully even then mouse doubted it a little bit.  Now that she's seen how it can be, there is no way she would change it.  He was right, it was a slow process of healing from our mutual past.  We had lines intersecting at various times but it wasn't right then, not like it was almost two years ago.  Really, if mouse is honest with herself she knew three years ago the time was right but fear kept her from admitting it.  Fear kept her from seeing it.

Thank you Master for taking the time, the patience and demonstrating the wisdom of Solomon on more than just one occasion.  Thank you Master for everything you have taught your mouse.  Thank you for giving mouse a family, a real family.

Thank you for us.


  1. Thank you mouse for sharing this lovely post. It has been my pleasure to follow your blog and read your lovely posts.

  2. mouse,
    It is amazing, isn't it? Each relationship in it's own way of course - but overall - it can be so much more, we can be so much more. All the arguments about ttwd vs abuse - i think this is what it comes down to - making the whole (and the parts) more rather than less.

  3. You are amazing mouse, as is Omega! It does my heart good to know you are with the one who is other half of your soul!


  4. So beautiful, and what a compliment to Omega to compare his wisdom to Solomon's!

  5. *just big hugs to you both* I'm really so glad things are really starting to come together for you both.


  6. And thank YOU, mouse, for sharing your thoughts so beautifully. There's something special about your writing (and of course that means about you) that makes me want to return soon and see if there's any more.


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