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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Focus rules

Good morning,

It's true Daddy hasn't changed the focus rules for a while, guess mouse has more learning to do in that department.  Focus rule number one has been around for a long time, so mouse decided (for total lack of anything else to write) to write about that.

  • mouse shall maintain a clean home, vehicle and office space, as her neatness is a direct reflection on Daddy.  
Maybe rule number 2 is a better place to start?  No...Ok...

It's true mouse has issues with neatness and maybe she's a little bit of a clutter-bug, but trying hard to fix that.  It's just not easy all the time.  Then Daddy starts getting annoyed, not really with mouse but with the state of the house, but she can feel it and always takes his annoyance as her own.  Right now the big pet peeve in his life is the state of the closet...

Ok, moving along...
  • mouse will maintain her morning, noontime and evening rituals
The noon time ritual has kinda fallen by the wayside lately.  Just too busy but mouse does take several minutes at various times during the day to look at all the Focus Rules and try to embrace them all.  The morning and evening rituals are still around and mouse follows them.  

It's true some do bug mouse a little bit, like not having any privacy bothers mouse a lot.  It's a more mental thing than a physical one.  If Daddy wants to watch mouse go to the bathroom, he can.  There is no privacy expected at all.  We all need private moments but that's what, in Daddy's opinion, being still is for.  Sometimes he will allow mouse to go into the basement (in the more public space) and listen to the stereo down there.  Crank the music as loud as she wants and he doesn't disturb those moments for her.  In that place, she'll dance (badly) and sing along (not so badly) to the music.  It relaxes her the way few other things can.  The iPod is ok, but you can't really sing along with the music just playing in your head.  There's something about feeling the music surround you.  To mouse, it is really almost spiritual and something she needs to do from time to time.  

When Daddy isn't home she's allowed to play music in the house and that's nice too.  Well, unless Daddy is the mood to listen to Sinatra, Dean Martin or some Jazz, but that's all pretty darn rare and mouse doesn't mind his taste in music.  



  1. I sing badly, and dance well!

    and am a reforming clutter bug.


  2. Maintaining a clean and tidy home is what gets neglected here. Most of my life has been lived with people who are more tidy than me; for the last twenty years I have been living with untidy people and I sometimes get fed up. It's as losing battle especially as I really hate nagging folk to get something done which they already know they should do.

    I would be interested to know how littlemonkey got inspired to reform her clutter-bug tendencies, too!

  3. I am probably a 6/10 on the cleanliness scale. I am usually pretty good with the daily stuff but there are those areas that were created to "catch shit"...kinda like the junk drawer in the kitchen.

    Daddy is much more anal than I in this aspect. He went through my apartment last week just to see how organized I was. All I got was a "not bad."

  4. Mmhmmm. Keeping a tidy house is a problem for me too. I do try because an untidy house really makes me cross and unpleasant too, but sometimes it's just not done (and it's a pretty big rule for me too).

    Music seems to be good for the soul, don't you think? There's just something about it that can speak to us on a very deep level.

  5. I love music too, and singing really loud along with it. Being neat and tidy doesn't come naturally but I try.

  6. you're not the only one who struggles with the house I think many of us do. I totally understand how being immersed in music can affect your soul. hugs

  7. Oh yeah... those moments of blasting music in my ears... for me it has to be headphones. I need it injected right into my brain. Doing that now in fact... and I'll sing along... I don't care who hears... badly or not. :)



  8. this girls tidyness scale: 0 zilch none -I am sooooo bad at it! I'm a scatterbrain and my surroundings reflect that I suppose...

    Music -one of the best things in the world!

  9. I would rather be able to appreciate things I cannot have than to have things I am not able to appreciate.


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