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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Soooooo tired

Good morning,

Daddy kept mouse up really late last night, talking and doing a lot of other stuff that just made mouse smile.   This morning mouse already has Daddy's scones in the oven and the coffee is ready and wanted to post before she wakes him.

It's a beautiful day (OK, it's SO no's freaking raining -- but there must be a rainbow somewhere in the world).

Got a lot of chores to do today.  Vacuuming, laundry, cleaning the kitchen floor...OMG who spilled sticky stuff?  Oh stop; like mouse would EVER allow that to spilled?

Ooooh and a trip to Target...mouse's personal happiest place on earth.  Yay...need a shower curtain for the guest bathroom.  Just nasty.  Have to pick up some more of those Magic Erasers by Mr Clean, because as Daddy pointed out, the baseboards are looking kinda gross.  And ya, those should have been done before Passover started....


Most of all mouse is sooooo thankful to her friends and all the people that comment on her blog!  The encouragement she feels from all of you is soooo wonderful.

Special thanks to Daddy...who mouse just loves to pieces!

And another special thanks to turiya!  Frequently turiya really helps to keep mouse grounded and laughing when she needs it.


  1. Turiya is good for that.

    Sounds like a busy busy day for you, but also seem to be pretty awake and happy so I bet you'll have a pretty good day.

    Target is a happy place. Don't know why, but I love going there too.

    I hope that Passover is going well so far.

    Also, rain is beautiful. Not fun to go out in, but doesn't it just make you feel all cozy inside?



  2. oooohhhh, I LOVE Target too! Have fun shopping...and cleaning :)
    Those magic erasers are awesome aren't they? They just about anything off of anything.
    Have a good day mouse and hopefully it will be sunny where you are tomorrow.

  3. awwww hope you have a wonderful day mouse.

  4. I need some of those magic erasers, I wonder do they sell them in the UK.

    Have a wonderful long holiday Mouse.


  5. Mouse,

    This was a very pleasant post to read, I'm glad your happy.


  6. By now you will have been to Target, cleaned the kitchen floor and perhaps fixed the shower curtain. I'm up early and would have liked one of those scones, I wonder if the time will ever come when we can send things like scones electronically just as we do words now? You could put some scones in your DropBox and your friends could help themselves. Just an idea ...

  7. Wow... never heard of magic erasers out here either. Sucks... could probably use some. Glad you both had some "special" time last night. Hehehehehe... and I'm especially glad I can be there to help when you need it!

    Love ya *hugs*


  8. I completely understand the Target love. They always have the cutest sundresses and yummiest cookies.

  9. Hope you had a wonderful day and it continues into today and the weekend.



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