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Monday, April 11, 2011

From bliss to mundane

Good morning,

It doesn't happen often but on some occasions we have a peaceful Sunday morning.  It's nice when we don't have to rush to go anywhere or the house is filled with activity.  Yesterday, we just laid in bed for a long time, the Sunday paper scattered across the bed, a tray of light breakfast stuffs (fruit and bagels) and plenty of hot coffee.  Daddy had mouse close her eyes and fed was soooooo erotic and nice.  

He's feeling much better, his head isn't so cloudy anymore and his bruises are quite as painful as they were.  His neck still bothers him, as does his hip but other than that he's fairly fully functional.  Shabbat went very well for us on Friday night.  No more worries about ruined Challah, mouse found a Jewish bakery and now has a standing order for two loaves along with some bagels...

It's all good.  Warm and loving. 

Well, until it was time to let the day really in, when we left the sanctuary of our bedroom and entered the rest of the house.  Then it was down to the business of shopping, making lists, cleaning and laundry.  

How can a day start so nice and become so mundane?  Yes, there were moments of contact but tempered by the mad rush of upcoming week.  We're meeting with contractors (well mouse is mostly) to discuss starting the remodel of the house.  The kitchen and bathrooms are getting a much needed overhaul.  Daddy wanted to be sure since he can't make the meeting that mouse thoroughly understood everything.  If all goes well, we'll be starting this next month.  

In the meantime calling companies to do some upgrades to other parts of the house.  Getting rid of the dreaded mini blinds and heavy draperies that don't fit the overall style of the house, not to mention left over by the previous owner.  Considering plantation shudders and those other types of blinds for the living and dining rooms...Then there's the issue of the long narrow window in the eating doesn't open so not sure what to do about that....likewise the bathroom window (in the area we're not touching).  

All this began with mouse saying that she'd like to get plantation shudders in the living room.  Somehow it morphed into....

Well, something bigger.  


  1. Ooh! Ooh! I have an idea!!!!*waves hand in the air*
    For the long narrow window that doesn't open? Depending on your budget of course, but have a stained glass piece done to replace the window glass. Depending on the artist you choose, I've seen some very striking, yet subtle designs. Multi-color, or monotone,the finished look is clean (no drapes or blinds)lets the light in, but still filters the intensity of the sun, and is beautiful. Glasswork doesn't have to be that traditional tiffany style, it can be done to match any style of decor. It's a really adaptable medium, in the right hands stained glass is anything but pedestrian (and no drapes to dryclean or launder).

  2. Ooooooh! Plantation shutters! I'm jealous, I bet they'll look gorgeous in your house.

    Sounds like you both had such a beautiful morning. It is unfortunate that such mornings can't just go on forever, real life has to step in and make things mundane again. Oh well, those beautiful moments do sustain is while we're dealing with the day to day stuff.



  3. Those quiet Sunday mornings are always wonderful. I love "Sunday Morning," by Velvet Underground as well; it goes so well with such a day day. And is a naively cheerful beginning to the remainder of the album, which sounds more like Monday through Saturday.

  4. glad to hear that daddy is feeling better and hope the remodel gets off to a good start

  5. Then back to bliss again??? ;)



  6. mouse,

    Sometimes just the thought of getting one item makes the creative decorating ideas just flow nonstop. I have that problem too. If I buy a lamp I feel the urge to redecorate the room it's in.

    Your Sunday morning sounds nice!


  7. mouse, glad to hear that Omega is feeling on the mend. A lazy Sunday morning is a good way to end/start the week...even if it is just part of it. The remodel sounds exciting.


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