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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

shifting gears

Sometimes mouse finds it hard to go from one task to another or from one type of meeting to another.  When it's all work related it's's work related but going from completely unrelated things to more unrelated things makes mouse crazy.

Yesterday mouse met with the contractor and went over some details, at least ones Daddy and mouse could agree about.  So many things hinge on decisions, like we can't pick out cabinets for the bathroom until we decide about the flooring and mouse will not bore anyone about the floor ideas.  We can't decide about the cabinets because we can't agree on the flooring.  It just keeps going around and around.

The Master bathroom might be the best place to start, since we can kinda at least agree on what to do there.

Well, sort of...

All mouse really wanted is plantation shudders in the living room and some other newer window coverings in other rooms.  Maybe she should take all this as sign to just stick with the original plan.  Because if we do the Master bathroom we must re carpet the bedroom and closet.

And we're back on the merry-go-round.

It's just that mouse had definite ideas of what she wants the finished product to look like when it's all done and so's not anything close to what Daddy wants.

Maybe we should just sell this house and buy a new one?  Might be easier than trying to figure all this stuff out.

Sorry to bore everyone...

Maybe they'll be something more interesting to write about tomorrow.


  1. Oh how well I remember those discussions as the ex and I built that house! He wanted our beautiful grey brick home to have bright yellow trim!!! AAAAUUUGGHHHH

    Best of luck!

  2. I have never been in your situation. I have always lived in rental places whether it be apartments or condo's. I don't even know if I want the responsibility of owning a house. Good Luck to you mouse!!!


  3. Mouse,

    I understand your frustration. When decorating I always plan everything out exactly how I want it but my roommate doesn't always agree. Good luck!


  4. mouse,

    I'm just relieved to know someone else thinks like this. That I'm not the only person who has to dismantle a house because of new window treatments!

    It will be interesting to hear how it all works out. Good luck!


  5. Hope you all can get it figured out

  6. What if you get an architecture magazine and both pick the "look" you two can agree on? I have an interior designer in my family so I got to hear all about the squabbles that her customers had. <3

  7. Ugh... glad we haven't had these problems yet. Guess there is some bonuses to renting... but still. You guys will get it worked out though... you always do.



  8. Hmmm... I haven't had to deal with this problem yet, but I forsee it possibly being an issue for us. I most certainly have definite visions of what I want our home to look and feel like, if that doesn't jive with what Chess wants... there will be a clash of wills for sure.

    I hope you guys get it figured out soon and can compromise on something. Home decorating is one of those things where you just don't want to settle for something you really don't like that much because you're going to have to look at it every single day and know that what you wanted it to be, is not.



  9. does make your head least somewhat...

    Lilly...there is something to be said for renting.

    Joss...yep...yep and yep...

    Serenity...Oh ya...really it's morphed now into the whole really might be better to just move. Now we will do it in stages, but mouse's fear is that by the time the final stage is finished it will be time to start over again....


    Mockingbird...ya we've tried that kinda...he likes the modern look...think museum and mouse prefers a more eclectic design, mixing traditional with French Country with a little Tuscany thrown in.

    turiya...Ya we will...

    Alice...OMG how true is that...ya we have to live with this and OMG the pressure of that alone is enough to break you mentally.

    Thanks for the comments,


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