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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Thank you!

For all the comments yesterday and all important reminders that Daddy's safety was first, everything else can be replaced  -- he can't after all -- He is Omega!

Yesterday when mouse saw the car and yes some cars are just made to crumple like an accordion, something about absorbing the shock and saw the deployed airbags mouse started to cry.  Hyperventilate actually.  He didn't mouse to go with him to begin with and now she was there doing exactly what she said she wouldn't do.  Truthfully mouse thought she could handle it.  Car accidents happen, right?

Swan reminded mouse to breathe.  Until she read that comment mouse realized she'd been holding her breath since she received the call that he was on the way to the hospital.  He was unconscious.  That can't be good.

After a few hours at the hospital in the morning they actually released him, and mouse brought him back a few hours later because he wasn't acting right -- it  wasn't the pain either.  He seemed too lethargic, unable to really find words...He just wasn't himself, they ordered more tests, more xrays and another CT scan.  He hadn't taken any pain meds either.  They confirmed he had a pretty bad concussion.  They didn't admit that shouldn't have released him so quickly but it was kinda implied.  They released him again with different pain meds and we got home close to 1AM.  By that time his fogginess had cleared.  Part of the problem was no one really talked to me the first time.  No one said what to expect or not.  Maybe they did but mouse didn't hear it.  Truthfully's totally possible that after they said he could go home, mouse got overwhelmed and stopped listening.

Today, he has more horrible bruises coming to the surface and the ones that were there yesterday look even worse.  The impact was on the driver's side so he got the brunt of it. This morning he looks worse than he did yesterday, and again mouse started crying because it just reminds her of how close she came to losing him.  Of course he says it wasn't close at all.  It seemed close enough for mouse.  His neck is starting to hurt too.  He has an appointment with his regular doctor this morning and said he'll think about work after he sees his doctor.

So everyone that commented or just simply read and sent warm vibes mouse's way, you have no idea how much those comments helped mouse all through the day.  We have a community and we all really care about each's just nice to know that you have people.

Special thanks also to turiya for talking mouse down off that high fear while Daddy was having the second CT scan and heather1 who chatted with mouse via twitter!  You both helped to calm and ground mouse.  Thank you so very much.

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  1. Mouse you are stronger than you think! Omega is strong as well and well be back 100% in no time. Best of all my thoughts coming your way!

  2. Mouse I am so sorry I didn't see yesterday's post, what a shock it must have been.

    I hope Omega isn't in too much pain today.

    Love and hugs to you both.


  3. Ohhh Gosh... I do not remember ever left a comment here but I enjoy following your genuine life as Y/you are, specially written by you mouse...
    Ohhh gosh... I live with Mine in France (you know this tiny country with tiny president and tiny language ;-) and I give you all My support in these hard times... It is a great chance that it was not worse, please, you are His and you know how He can be proud of you as W/we sometimes are also proud of you... Do not let anguish come, let your shiny heart beat with His as usual and Y/you will see, beautiful days will come back soon !
    Take care of Y/you...
    All of O/our thoughts with Y/you !

  4. I can only imagine what you must be going through, and what you went through! The thought of Chess being in an accident like that = terrifying.

    I am so very glad that Omega is alive! And despite the pain and bruising and aches, he is going to be okay.



  5. I'll continue sending those warm vibes your way. *hug*

  6. Dear mouse,

    I had a concussion last year. At the hospital the doctors asked whether I played any musical instruments and told me research shows that playing an instrument and having a connection with music helps the brain recover faster and more fully. They had me practice on the keyboard twice a day and suggested we keep music on in the background all the time and that I make an effort to sing along, concentrating on getting the lyrics correct.

    Other than the pain my family experienced from my singing, it worked well.

    Hugs to you both,

  7. I would like to thank everyone for all the well wishes.


  8. Haven't been around here for a while, but sorry to hear about Omega's injuries. Take good care of him, and I'm glad to hear it wasn't as bad as it could have been. Good luck to both of you. A reminder to us all to appreciate the loved ones who surround us, even if they can sometimes get on our nerves. Nothing is more important than love.

  9. :) You know turi is always here for you. Hope O is feeling better and a little less ummm... oh nevermind. Just hope he's feeling better soon.

    *hugs to you both*


  10. Mouse
    I didn't read yesterdays posting. I am so sorry that you had this upsetting shock with Omega. I am sending positive thoughts to you both. Stay strong. HUGS!!

  11. mouse, that sounded like a very intense and scary event, I'm glad you had friends to get you through. I'm so glad he is ok and I hope he heals quickly.

  12. Hi Omega...
    Just an advice for recovering, You can take this ""
    Half a spoon in a glass of water each 8Hours during 4 days and I per day during 4 days and 1 per week during 5 weeks. It will help a lot to recover...
    It taste awful (I know) but blood needs it so much when recovering... Read about it and You will understand... Take the natural (organic & cheap) only not the industrial one.

    Everything for Y/you both !

  13. I know how it feels to suddenly get a shock about how human and vulnerable your Daddy actually could be. We like to see them as so strong and rock-like, and even though I think that's a good way to think, it's sorta idealized. I'm so glad you had people who could talk to you and help you from being as scared. It's super hard to know anything to do when your Daddy is hurt. We are sending lots of positive thoughts and prayers to you both that things will just get better from here. *hugs*

  14. Mouse happy I was able to offer some comfort in your time of need. Hope Omega is feeling better today and that he stays home like the doctor told him too. You take such good care of him, you'll have him back to 100% soon.

  15. To everyone!

    Clearly mouse is overwhelmed and can't find the words to express how wonderful you've all been these past few days.

    Honestly, mouse wouldn't have gotten through it all without all her "cyber" friends lifting her up throughout the day!


  16. Mouse -

    I read here a lot, but I don't think I've ever commented before. I am so sorry to hear about Omega's car accident, but I am VERY glad that he is okay. I completely understand your reaction to it all. *offers a hugs* It can be scary thinking about how close we come to losing our loved ones, but we must also remember to be thankful that it was only that - close.

    Best to you both,


  17. Glad he was able to walk away from the crash and hope he gets to feeling better. Hugs

  18. Mouse I don't know what to say because I DID read yesterdays' comment and I somehow didn't understand that it was so bad. It's no wonder people sometimes think I am unsympathetic. Anyway, Omega has a very clever and caring woman to care for him so I believe no-one could be better cared for. I have just been reading about all the studies that have been done on how prayer affects healing very positively, so I am thinking of of Omega smiling and happy with you and all this already in the past. That's my version of praying!


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