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Wednesday, April 6, 2011


A lot went on yesterday. Daddy was involved in a car accident that kinda derailed the day.  Couple CT scans, plus a whole lot of other stuff later and he was released.  He's supposed to be resting but of course he's not...

We filed the police report (he was not at fault) and talked to the insurance company.

We saw the car and got his stuff out of it...can't be without his all important blackberry for too long.

Glad mouse didn't see it yesterday, she might have thrown up.  It's totaled just like his BB.  Well, his Blackberry isn't completely totaled.  It just won't turn on and is cracked -- already on that and heading out for a replacement soon.  His car won't be so easily replaced.  

The other driver was completely uninjured and uninsured.


After all that Daddy made mouse take him to work.  

Ya.  Fun stuff going on.


  1. ahh mouse so glad your Master was not seriously hurt , things could have been so much worse .
    hugs... hope that bad luck leaves you alone now.

  2. Oh Goodness! mouse, I'm so thankful everyone is okay. I imagine Omega is probably pretty sore today though. The day after is always the worst. As inconvienient as it is to have to do it, things can be replaced. The people you love cannot.


  3. I am also sorry, sorry to hear about the accident and the uninsured driver :(
    How are they allowed to drive with no insurance?
    I also understand the all important BB, mine is my life.
    Hope Omega is feeling alright and you too mouse. Hugs

  4. Very glad that everyone is okay. Hope everything else goes smoothly. Hugs!

  5. Ugh! Glad he's okay... but yeah... men can be so damned stubborn.



  6. Nurse mouse,

    I am getting along fine at work today. I understand you were scared, however the intensicty of your feelings will pass.

    Again, I am fine. See you @home soon.


  7. mouse, what a shock for both of you. Good news to hear your Master is fine, if a little ouchy.
    I am glad u are ok too,

  8. Mouse,

    Glad Omega's ok. Sorry you both had to go through all of this.


  9. I am sorry for the difficulty and the scariness of the day -- for you both, AND I am very glad that Omega is well. All of the rest can be replaced or repaired and life will go on. Remember to breathe.

    Grateful hugs for your "good luck"

  10. How scary! I'm so glad he is fine though. Try and get him to rest, possible head injuries can be tricky. :( Glad the important stuff is all in one piece. <3

  11. Oh My Goodness ... I am glad to hear that he isn't seriously hurt ... Hope you are all doing okay right now!
    Kermit & Lilly

  12. what a fright you've had!
    I'm so glad Omega is not hurt badly.
    Cars and BBs are hard to do without even for a short time. A Master.. is impossible to be without for even a second.

  13. Oh dear! I'm glad he's OK. please send him my well wishes!

    And yeah so typically Dominant men to "take back control" by going on as nothing has happened *LOL*
    Again I'm glad he is OK, but how are you? I'd imagine it was pretty scary for you and that you are a bit shaken up -I know I would be!

    Take care now =)both of you...
    Hugs to you both

  14. Mouse,
    Sounds like Omega is doing better today. I really can't believe he made you take him to work but you said he wanted to go. Hope he did not over do it.

    Hugs and patients,


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