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Monday, May 16, 2011

Finding grace

Good morning,

There are moments where mouse feels like she needs to be hit on the head...Just thumped really hard because she so often feels she misses a concept.  Recently,  Daddy's been trying to drill into mouse the idea of finding grace.  This is a concept, not really an actual state of being, tho its something mouse is striving for.  Sometimes mouse finds herself rather awestruck at how others handle themselves.  Libby comes to mind and if you spend a little time reading her blog, you'd see why.

Over the weekend, Daddy and mouse hosted a cocktail party for several acquaintances and work colleagues of his, yanno, all the people we say, "Yes, we must get together," but somehow never do.   Now, mouse worked quite hard getting everything ready, cooking over the past several days and everything was fine. That didn't stop mouse from feeling plenty of angst before the party, in fact she was soooo full of angst, Daddy decided to give mouse a few firm swats with his leather strap and made her insert the large plug for the evening.  The attitude change was immediate and profound.   In the end, there was plenty of alcohol, nibbles and great conversation and mouse worked the room, making introductions, making certain drinks were refilled, the bites were being passed around.   At one point, Daddy reached over and touched mouse very gently and it made mouse glow.

He could see it!

It made mouse feel so good to know.

After the last of the guests had left well after midnight, mouse finally kicked off her shoes and went about tidying up.  Daddy stopped her, took her into his arms and kissed her.  It needs saying that he hates these kinds of social occasions and mouse isn't really fond of them either, but together we pulled it together and off, and everyone had a great time.  Even Daddy had fun seeing these people outside of work and actually said we should do this more often.  Wow...that's quite a huge change.

He led mouse upstairs and had her kneel in that cocktail dress and he just watched her.  We didn't talk and mouse just remained very still.  Then he helped her up and mouse went about the rest of her rituals (except we skipped the bath and long meditation -- it was too late for that).

Sunday morning, we slept a little late and finally got up, finished tidying up, then we went out for a while.

Before we knew it was Sunday evening and mouse rushed a bit to get things ready for Monday.

A fast weekend but a weekend were something new was learned or maybe just thoroughly embraced.


  1. Good for you mouse! And well done =) And it's so nice to hear how attentive Omega is and how He shows you that he notices and appreciates it.

    Sweet girl.

  2. Sounds like a wonderful well planned evening. I love it when they come off without a hitch!

  3. Well done mouse!

    Sounds like a very successful evening to me, every aspect of it.


  4. mouse,

    That's nice that you took the time to get together with people rather than just saying "Let's get together." It does indeed sound like you handled yourself with grace, not an easy thing to do with a house full of people.


  5. I'm so glad it went well and everyone had a good time hugs


  6. It sounds like a great evening was had and if I'd have to say it sounds like you acted in a rather graceful manner =)


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