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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Nothing new

Good morning,

Really wish mouse had something new and exciting to report but really not a whole lot going on.  Over the weekend we went to the summer place and did a lot of cleaning.  Well, mouse cleaned.   The evenings were nice tho and mouse finished up that work project, so her time's been more or less devoted to family stuff.

To that end, mouse has begun the all important purging of clothing and junk no one wears or wants.  It's a horrible process but needed.  We have a couple super cool vacations planned for this summer and we need to be sure we have enough clothes.  Yes, mouse is using this as a huge excuse to shop.

Other than that mouse has LOTS of things planned for Father's Day this weekend.  Really looking forward to thanking Daddy for all the wonderful things he does for all of us.  Of course mouse can't mention any of that here yet...

Actually hit the delete key a few times because the beans were almost spilled...

Anyway..just a quickie to let everyone know that we're just chugging along...


  1. Chugging along in each other's company is often such a simple pleasure. Enjoy Father's day! I bought his gift last week, picked it up yesterday, and hid it at the neighbor's house. I feel so on the

  2. Stormy - the biggest problem is that he's totally impossible to buy for! Heading out soon to see what we can find for him.

  3. Men who have everything are hard but add the fact that my daddy has two homes makes it really hard because I like to give things he would use often. All I have is his card so far.

  4. Shopping is A Good Thing.

  5. This kind of nothing new sounds just right.

  6. Happy to hear all's well Mouse. Enjoy the shopping and have a lovely Father's Day.


  7. All sounds good mouse, I was going to write a really cool suggestion here and then remembered that he would see it and so there was no point. Hope you all have a lovely day xx HSxx


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