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Monday, June 27, 2011

The sounds of silence

Good morning,

We got in late last night and we were exhausted but it was a fun week.  Everyone seemed to have fun and think even Daddy kinda enjoyed the time alone (tho, he would never admit it).  

Daddy only had one rule to be followed the whole week, mouse was to wear her plug whenever she went out.  Dunno if it helped calm mouse while she was away from Daddy and today begins a silent week.   Not sure what brought that on but goodness, it does help further mouse's submission to Daddy like few other things do.  The idea, when he walks through the door mouse is simply standing and greeting him in a nonverbal way...

It's hard to remember to be still, especially in the beginning (and totally don't get how those monks do it for years), but then it seems to get easier at least mouse hopes it will.  We haven't done this in a looong time and it's really like mental bondage.  Other than that it's going to be a week of chores and prepping for the 4th of July bash here!  

Sorry this is soooo short, not much else to say...more to come tho during the week.


  1. Your "week off" sounds great :)

    "Silent week"...? Intrigued me -if you don't mind i would love for you to elaborate on that a bit more :) Piqued my interest! But yeah those monks how do they do it??! *L*

  2. Welcome back and is the week of silence like 24/7 or just for a designated amount of time?

  3. Welcome back mouse, glad you had a good time.
    Your week of silence sounds hard, but wonderful too. Sending you good wishes and hugs


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