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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Two out of three...

Good morning,

Yesterday mouse woke late (alarm clock issues) so the whole morning was a mad dash to get everything going.  Later, while doing the chores Daddy sent a text (followed by a phone call), saying he invited people over to dinner!  Seriously...tonight was the only thing mouse could think....

Quick look in the pantry and fridge mouse decided to make a baked Zitti type of dish.  Serves a whole lot and is very filling, with a nice Cesar salad on the side and home baked bread rounded out the meal.  The bread was already started, so it wasn't a huge issue.  Daddy at some point, sensing panic in mouse, sent a text if there was anything extra we needed, mouse only replied WINE!  LOTS OF WINE!

Really not for the food or guests...for mouse!

Didn't have time for a shower or bath before our guests arrived, so made due with a bird bath in the sink,  put her hair up, redid makeup, went to the jewelry box and got out the string of pearls and put those on.   Dressed in her pretty party type dress (tea length black dress, very vintage looking) and donned an apron.  Donna Reed NEVER looked so good...all pretty on the outside and all slut underneath, no panties, just the garter and corset.

The last thing mouse did before our guests arrived was to insert the plug, per Daddy's wish.  Immediately mouse's head was in that special space.  Dashed down the stairs and completed the last of things to do.

Thank goodness mouse polished the silver yesterday!  Very smart.

Everything was in place, the zitti was nearly finished and just needed to rest a little, when Daddy came home with the all important wine and flowers for mouse.

Sometimes he's just too sweet.  He did laugh a little watching mouse near-panic, trying to open the wine bottle (seriously -- it's normally not a problem), then she poured it into the carafe to breath.  Carefully made sure the martini's were waiting along with a few snacks.  The doorbell rang just as the zitti was finished.

We all sat around exchanging pleasantries and cocktails, then enjoyed a wonderful meal.

Everything was fine, except there was nothing for dessert.

Seriously!  Completely forgot about dessert.  Nothing!  Not even an ice cream cup.  Well, there was a little dollap of peach cobbler left over from Sunday dinner.  But really?  How do you bring out a cobbler that's got about one scoop and say with a straight face, sure you can divide this between 5 people...

Apologies were offered, mouse had the deer in the headlight look about her...and there was no saving that moment.

No miracle to be pulled out...hell, not even a cookie.

Unless they wanted to bake them.

Next time mouse will be better prepared with a frozen pie or something...of course she'd probably forget to bake it...bleh.

Next time mouse will better plan ahead.  

But the apron and pearls were a big hit...Two out of three ain't bad, right?


  1. Waking up late always throws my day off. You on the other hand pulled together an entire dinner party and gave new meaning to the words hot housewife - Way to go girl!!

  2. Shit happens mouse ;) I'm sure you floored them anyways =)

  3. mouse,

    I'm impressed you were able to pull together a wonderful meal for guest that quickly, and looking better than Donna Reed. It sounds like a very nice evening and I'm sure your guest were not the least bit upset about their not being a dessert.


  4. Wow, mouse. The last time Master brought guests home for dinner, i had 2hours notice and i really don't remember how it went....He assures me that i did very well, but....i panicked! This little condiment doesn't deal well with surprises. i admire your fortitude!


  5. I love this post!!

    I've always joked that a "real" submissive would be June Cleaver with a plug and you just proved it. LOL. The combo of vintage lady and slut is just killer. I'm sure you looked awesome!

    It sounds as if you handled it well, and everyone had a great time. That's what entertaining is about--not dessert.

    A great post as always, mouse.


  6. Don't you just hate waking up late and then to be told you had dinner guests yikes but you handled the dinner party superbly Mouse.

    I had to look up Zitti:)


  7. Fantastic work mouse! I'm with everyone else on this one, dessert is not as important as the whole "dinner party" and everyone having a good time. The picture you paint with the apron, pearls and plug brings a smile to my face. I wish I could pull that off ;)

  8. You're a better woman than me! I would have ordered a pizza, lol

  9. It's the company, not the dessert that makes the party fun.

    The men probably experience a moments disappointment then moved on, the women, probably breathed a sigh of relief to know that they are not the only ones that aren't perfect. How intimidating a hostess would you be if you not only had the June Cleaver aire about you but you were the perfect hostess too? Which makes forgetting the dessert the perfect thing you could have done after all, because you made your guests feel more at home and comfortable by forgetting it. ;D

  10. Nice work!!! You make me want to have guests over for dinner myself. I love the whole process, if I'm not rushing around. The cleaning and the cooking and the whole putting together of a meal.

    I had to look up Zitti too, but once I did I realized I'd made it many times before and just didn't realize what it was called, lol.

    I love the outfit you put together too! You're amazing. :)

  11. Aww it's okay mouse, you did the best with what you had. I think you did just nifty!

  12. sounds like , although it was hard work, it was good fun too. And never mind about having a pudding.....2 of out 3 sounds fine and dandy to me

  13. Amazing! Who needs dessert anyway? Your dress sounded very pretty..and you were prepared in every way. Good job.

  14. Sounds like something I would have done! I am sure the zitti was delicious and no one minded the lack of dessert! :)

    P.S. I loved this part: "WINE, LOTS OF WINE!" :)


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