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Monday, October 24, 2011


 Good morning,

Last Friday, Daddy watched while mouse did her evening rituals.  He removed the rings from her nipples and placed clamps.  He watched mouse kneel, recite her rules and tremble.  We talked about how things are going, the difficult week and lots of things mouse didn't want to talk about.  Then he took her by the hair and pulled her to him and made her suck him.

Having him demonstrate his control was exactly what mouse needed, it's been so hard to feel that control lately, even tho it's always around her.  As he controlled how fast or slow she went, she cried almost uncontrollably, when Daddy finally reached orgasm, mouse was truly a mess.  He left her to cry on the floor for a few minutes, then he helped her up and into the shower.  The clamps were still in place as the cold water splashed against her body.  There was a strong feeling of absolutely no control over anything in mouse's life.


After the shower, he removed the clamps and returned the nipple rings.  He tugged on each of them, pulling on them as he led her back to the bedroom.  No nightgown, no bedclothes, he pulled her into bed and held her close to him.  He talked in that soothing tone of his, his voice like velvet as mouse shivered beside him.  The strong urge to crawl inside him and hide was there.  He did nothing to discourage mouse from taking him into her mouth and sleeping that way.  He helped position the blankets so that mouse didn't become chilled during the night.

In the morning mouse woke, she was still in the same position was when she went to bed.   Saturday was about routine, light cleaning and Daddy.  It seemed as though mouse couldn't be far from him throughout the day.  Sunday was the same, except mouse made Daddy breakfast in bed,  he hates feeling sickly and is coming down with a cold.  Guess that made him feel kinda sadistic, because he told mouse to strip, put on the clamps and kneel beside the bed while he ate.

It's true mouse feels closest to Daddy when she can feel his control or when he asserts it like yesterday when mouse surprised him with breakfast in bed.  But today is Monday and he's going to work.  It's going to be soooo hard to be apart from him.

Today is going to be soooo difficult.


  1. I hope you manage to have a good day mouse. When you have a great few days with your Daddy, Monday does feel like he has been ripped away, like you have lost him and those few hours are so awful. But I bet he is missing you just as much.

  2. Hold onto your routines to help you work through the day. Do something nice for yourself also.
    Hugs :)

  3. Oh, mouse!

    I think we all have times like this, and it's so good that your Daddy helps you through it.

    No one can replace your Daddy, but perhaps knowing that you have friends who understand exactly what you are feeling will help a little.

    Stay calm and focus on him. I find that creating some special little surprise for my Daddy helps a lot. Sort of like the breakfast in bed thing. Is there anything you could do/prepare for him today while he's at work?


  4. I so need that right now!

    Happy for you!

  5. Yeah, there's a name for what we feel on Monday morning. It's called Monday morning blues. Happens more often when you've spent quality time over the weekend with our loved ones.

    And b'fast in bed made him sadistic? It would kinda make me think

  6. Your Friday sounds very intense! It's sometimes such a strong and strange connection after pain and control isn't it?


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