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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Testing resolve

There's a process to requesting changes to our dynamic. First permission must be given to broach a topic, there's not always an easy way to do that. Usually, the best approach to simply ask. Then quickly explain in a concise fashion, the specific issue that needs addressing and wait.

The waiting is the hardest part, but is also part of the process as it tests mouse's resolve. More about that in a bit.

Recently, there has been issues with the morning ritual. Each morning mouse is to kneel with or without pain, and go over the rules, spending extra time on those that give mouse troubles.

It's not meant to take long, but at the same time seems redundant, since that's part of the evening ritual. The problem is the focus, while it should be on Daddy, invariably ends up being about the day ahead. Meetings, things to be done, reports to be written and the like.

When does a ritual lose its necessity?

It's taken mouse three months to decide that before bringing it to Daddy. Of course he gets to decide and part of the wait is for to test mouse's resolve. How serious is she about this proposed change? How important is it to mouse? Having answers to those questions before she brings it to Daddy is so important. So, with much uncertainty mouse brought the topic to Daddy.

Naturally with something as important as rituals, Daddy will want to know exactly why mouse is proposing eliminating a ritual. Oh yes, the goal is to eliminate the morning ritual!

Not at all an easy sell.

So in the evening Daddy called mouse into his study and listened carefully to her arguments against the morning ritual. He decided that it might be ok to suspend the ritual for now on a trial basis. Just to see how mouse does.


  1. wow, you must have done some

    How did you sell it?

  2. A well constructed argument, mouse, is a beautiful thing. Good for you!

  3. Good for you mouse! A redundant ritual continues I think may have opposing effect to what is desired from it, so I think you may be on to something good here. (But boy to you have the patience of a saint! Seriously 3 months before you even took it to him? I admire you gal!)

  4. Alujna - just basically laid it out in a honest way. it's been a struggle for sometime now, so it was easy to state the reasons for the change. He agreed a better use of time was to consider the day's agenda. There are still plenty of times each morning for mouse to focus only on Daddy!

    Little monkey - ya mouse was worried but all is well now..

  5. Sweet girl - it took a long time because mouse really wanted to be able to say that she's tried to make it work...And also wanted to be sure there wasn't a way to make it work easier...


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