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Monday, October 17, 2011

The plug

From the moment of insertion, a wash of submissive feeling fills mouse. Every movement made, while its in reinforces those feelings. Sometimes it's strangely depleting, leaving the a deep ache. Other times and mostly it's a source of comfort. Like a baby sucking on a pacifier, the unconscious clench reminds mouse of it's presence and of her Daddy.

It remains in place now until Daddy returns home from work. Several hours at least, quietly demanding that mouse remain busy and oddly mentally still, focused on the task, whatever it may be.

In the evening, when alone Daddy will often question mouse on the plug. He will ask to see it. We will discuss how it made mouse feel. Often after or even during these discussions Daddy will say to bend over his desk, or counter and lift her dress. He will test her, by entering her there and continue asking his questions while asserting his dominance. Focusing on his questions isn't always easy but as she frequently must remind herself, this isn't for her. It's for Daddy, her Master. The duty is on her alone to focus on only his words, disregarding everything else that goes on.

If only it were always that easy.


  1. Very very good post... So very true for many of us who's Daddy uses a plug to remind the of their place and his control.

  2. Hi mouse~

    I can completely relate to the "comfort" part. Master doesn't require me to wear it unless we are close to a visit and then the stretching is a necessity. However I do wear it when I want to feel close to him. The moment I insert it.. the wave of his love and the strength I feel envelopes me. He would never use it as punshiment for me because of this. Yes.. just like a pacifier.


  3. In all the times we have discussed it, you have never mentioned the "pacifier" aspect. It pleases me that you find it comforting. I love you my sweet mouse.


  4. mouse: I very much agree that it is a comfort. There have been times when I have felt quite out of sorts and the plug is settling, calming; soothing. That sounds not unlike a pacificer, doesn't it, and I think it has a similar effect.

    On the flip side, the plug has a way of making one feel very racy too - quite unlike the above feelings - and yet, experienced often all at once.

    It is incredibly hard to put in words, I find, all of the powers of the plug but you did a fine job.

  5. I love the post, and the comment by Omega even more!

    Thanks for giving us the glimpse inside your relationship.


  6. I've always wondered how one can wear a plug for so long and what must be going thru their mind. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Kendra - Yes, very much so.

    faithful - can't ignore the comfort factor.

    Daddy - it came to mouse as she was writing it ;-)

    Vesta - Actually there is a lot of those feelings that mouse didn't go into but's like playing the game, "ive got a secret."

    Sin - You're most welcome! You share so much of your life and what you feel.

    Mistress L - Well Ma'am can't speak for all, but this one certainly feels that way.

    Thanks for all the comments.



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