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Monday, October 3, 2011


Good morning,

This morning mouse woke to the sound of the dog barking.  Beyond that was rumble of thunder and the pinging of rain hitting the gutters, followed by the gentle scrape, scrape of the tree brushing against the house.  Seriously?  Who could sleep with such racket going on?

Went downstairs and found the phone, sent a text to Daddy, who is traveling, it simply read, awake and not happy about it.  More than an hour passed when the phone let mouse know that there was text message.  It was Daddy saying how wonderful the weather was.  Hrumph.   He was sitting on a balcony sipping coffee, eating his breakfast and reading WSJ...typical morning for him.

In that moment mouse really missed him....

Nothing much else to report today...

Off to light a fire under this's kinda chilly this morning.


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