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Friday, September 30, 2011

A million...

Good morning (or afternoon),

A million posts have been written during the past couple weeks, at least mentally, getting the time to put them down into this blog or in Culling Chaos is just hard.  Sometimes she worries that both blogs are just circling the drain but mouse has so many helpful ideas...Just need to the time to put them to transfer them from disjointed thoughts to real words that others can read.

So, in lieu of a post today mouse is giving you a link to one of her favorite spots for entertaining.

Now, this isn't for fancy entertaining but mouse used a lot of the ideas when we had a party over the summer at the beach.  With the holiday's coming (just three months until Christmas) mouse felt it might be useful to someone else.

Still working out the kinks (pardon the pun) in the upcoming post on the cleaning routine.   Need to gather some pictures...Organize thoughts and find the time to pull it all together so that it makes sense.

Also, might be spending more time over in the Culling Chaos (link on sidebar and above in this post) blog over the coming weeks, but will cross post links when mouse does.

Hugs to everyone and enjoy the weekend!

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  1. What a scary thought.....3 months to Christmas...:)
    Mouse, please can you email me your address to my as I cant get my outlook to work via your website. I would like to talk to you to get some kick ass help. Thanks you


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