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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A name by any other...

Good morning,

Many have expressed interest in hearing mouse's tips for cleaning, so mouse is working on a post.  It'll be up on Culling Chaos hopefully this week.

Another asked in a comment where mouse got her name and the reason why it was chosen.  It probably started as a bit of payback (yes payback) for referring to Daddy as Omega (he's the last man mouse will ever serve).  It took him a while for the name to grow on him, but in the meantime, he began using the word mouse.  In the beginning it made her skin crawl.  It really did.  Even when he told mouse to use it on her made her skin crawl.

And it was embarrassing...

Let's face it, mice are nasty creatures who shit and piss where they eat.  So, it was clear Daddy wasn't joking and he wasn't going to change his mind so mouse learned to live with it.

As time passed, dunno when but mouse started liking the name (Daddy calls her that all the time).  He once said he chose the name because mice are generally timid (tho, if cornered they will bite).  Daddy's forever commenting about how mouse scurries about.

Hope that helped to answer that question.

Lately, tho, mouse feels like she's been stuck in a maze and can't find the damn treat!  The treat would be time to blog...just haven't had the time lately and mouse apologizes.


  1. Hehe mousy *ducks*

    Oh and I can vouch for her cleaning thingie! It's absolutely awesome. You'll definitely want to check it out.



  2. We've missed you - but sure understand how it is! Hoping things ease up soon.



  3. Glad to see you posting again. We've missed you.

  4. Yes, glad you are posting. Hope life slows down and you find more time. I am only allowed one hour online per day, so I write my blog posts in my head, then type quickly when I can!


  5. turiya - careful mouse doesn't throw like a girl ;-)

    beingaisha and sin - Thank you, it's been just crazy lately. Really hope things are going well in your lives because mouse hasn't time to read hardly any blogs lately. Honestly missing everyone lately!

    Stormy - writing posts mentally works sometimes, but mouse thinks what she says in her head is better than what she ends up actually saying later...

    Goodness...did that make any sense????

    Thank you all for reading...


  6. You also hide in shadows and have been known to bite.


  7. Yes, makes sense and my "in my head" posts are probably better too. But at least sometimes, I hope they are worse :)


  8. Oooooo a biter! Maybe I should call you nibbler instead. Lmao!!!! *hides*


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