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Friday, September 16, 2011

Finally Friday

Good morning,

Today's post will be a mix-bag of Formspring-me questions and other very random thoughts.

First from Formspring:

Have you ever switched roles with your Master or Daddy?

What a great question!  Yes, in some dynamics people might switch and they're fine with that.  For Daddy and mouse the answer is a firm no.  

Other somewhat related but disjointed thoughts...

Actually switching is something that we've never discussed and mouse never considered.  After this question came around mouse did ask Daddy and he laughed.   Not at all certain if he was laughing at the question, at mouse or the idea.  Maybe all three.  

The truth is mouse likes our places in this relationship.  He's the Top and mouse on safely on the bottom. It's really amazing being under someone's control, especially when they know what they're doing with that control and not just playing games.  

Some truly believe there's a back door to submission.  They believe they can be sly and plant little kernels and boom one day they'll have a slave (or a Master).  But it's not how it works.  Both have to understand exactly what it means to serve.  What the expectations are for the Top and the bottom, you can't have this discussion without a lot of trust and honestly.  

If you can't trust your partners reaction to the most basic element of M/s how will you EVER thoroughly trust they're not just going along with you?  

If the sadistic side of your dynamic ever stopped, would you look for someone else to give that or would you turn to hurting yourself?

Another great question and actually the sadistic side ended months ago.  Yes, there is still some rough sex and mild play.  But nothing as it was before, most of the hardcore toys have been dismantled and sold.  He does still own the Gyno table tho.  Heh.  It's an antique so he keeps it for the curiosity factor.  

Would mouse harm herself, no.  It's not in her make-up to do that.  As long as Daddy provides a strong position and commands her, mouse is comfortable in submission so that it doesn't happen.

Hi Mouse, how are you so obedient all the time? I find that I am obedient for a while and then get "bratty"!!

Well, Daddy would certainly argue that mouse has serious bratty moments.  But for the most part strives to quell the inner brat and remain obedient.  This kinda goes back to that Back Door to submission idea that mouse was discussing earlier in this post.  Some are totally fine with the idea of submission until they're actually told to do something they didn't consider.  Then the brattiness might come out.  

For mouse it comes out for other reasons, and stress is the number one factor.  Feeling too harried, or under the gun causes mouse to become snappish.  That's the latest thing she's been working on.  Organizing her life so that things really work for her...And it does work!  

This whole reoganization that mouse has been through over the summer has really made her see how much better he life could be and she's thrilled for the opportunity to learn this lesson.  

Thanks for all the great questions and thanks for taking the time to read through all these answers!  



  1. Those are good questions, and great answers mouse :)
    Master and i had a quick conversation just last night how i could never switch and that i hoped it wasn't something that He wanted. He is open to change and never rules anything out, but we did agree on this one thing. These are the roles that we fit in to, that make us US :) Have a great weekend. I hope the reorganization helps make things more smooth and less snappy for you xo

  2. Mouse, my apologies if this isn't something you want to talk about or if you've already written about it and I simply haven't managed to discover it on your blog, but why did the sadistic side of your relationship with Omega end? You've mentioned that several times, and I'm always curious.

    Hope this question isn't out of bounds for you, and thanks very much for continuing your excellent blog!

  3. Naida,

    The reorganization started over the summer months and has been sooooo successful that mouse will be writing about it here and in Culling Chaos later next week (as time provides)


    It's not a problem, one day mouse will organize her blog into sections to easily find those types of answers.

    That post kinda describes it. A couple months before that we had some issues during scenes -- and for us it was very bad.

    Thanks for the comments!!


  4. Please excuse the anonymous nature of the posting. I am simply wondering about the name, mouse...

    Most submissives/slaves attempt to go with felines, something that at its core is predatory, armed with teeth, claws and an independent nature.

    Your's however has used a meek and docile social creature and a very soft theme to express her thoughts, it gives a pleasent "feel" to the blog.

    With all due respect, I am simply wondering if there is any history/origin to the name, and by implication who's choice was it?

    I have only read a few posts, but I wish to convey my respect to you over her presentation she is an excellent reflection on you and to her my congratulations on a thoughtful and enjoyable blog.


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