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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Before and after

Good morning,

Continuing on yesterday's theme mouse realized how chaotic and disorganized her life was before and even after Daddy came into it.  It's hard to imagine but it's really taken her a long time to find her footing and truly trust his lead.  It's been a long road accepting his advice on EVERYTHING from grooming, to work, to even how she cleans the house but she's gotta admit, he's been right on with everything.

All that has only furthered her submission to him.   Is she perfect?  Only to Daddy and that's totally enough for mouse.

The rituals reinforce this now, truth be told mouse found them a waste of time but now understands.  The wearing of the plug several hours a day also works for mouse to reinforce her submission to Daddy.  The slow changes in the way she dresses and presents herself to the outside world.  Jeans are for hiking, sweats are exercise,  dresses and skirts are everything else.  There are rewards that far outweigh anything negative and mouse will always be respectful to Daddy.

Yes, we tease each other and there's lots of laughter.  The approach to housekeeping is the biggest change in mouse.  For years she's suffered under the delusion that her chaotic way of cleaning wasn't really cleaning.  It was moving mess from room to room to avoid it.  Now, cleaning is done practically daily but doesn't take very long.  Clothes are clean, the house is clean so it doesn't matter.

No more punishments, no more worrying about punishment; things just seem to chug along.   The other day, while Daddy's friend was still in town they discussed mouse as though mouse wasn't in the room.  Compliments were paid, innuendo was made, but in the end it was all ok with mouse.  After all Daddy has taught mouse that she is nothing but his version of perfect, the gentle ribbing about over-cooked chicken or over-booked schedules she could handle.  Later, mouse served dessert and Daddy's friend told him he was lucky to have mouse.

Daddy replied that indeed mouse added a lot to his life.

While doing her rituals, all mouse could think was how thankful she was.  All these changes were good and have only made her life feel so much complete.


  1. i think you must have more native patience than i do as well, mouse. i know how it's meant to work; Master tells me it only takes 21 days for something to become a habit...but i want it now!! Argh!! This condiment has no patience at all sometimes.

    Moving mess from room to room is still all i seem to do...i don't suppose you could give me a tip or two? Master says He doesn't keep me for my cleaning skills, but i want things to be nice for Him, you know? sigh.


  2. As silly as it sounds, I think there's a lot of ego involved in managing a house, schedules, work, life, even chores. A lot of ego means A LOT of submission. I think that in many ways this would be/must be much more difficult than other things that appear less mundane. It also sounds like this has benefited you - maybe both of you - more than other, seemingly more exciting things. I know that for me the really small, really everyday things are the hardest, but impact our relationship the most.

  3. It's that feeling of knowing you've added something to their lives that feeds my soul. Master tells me everyday that I have given Him a reason to live. He has DEFINITELY changed my life. I loved your post. :)

  4. Me, mouse...I need those tips too. My house is a wreck.

  5. pepper and monkey - mouse was thinking of doing something on Culling Chaos to that effect...

    Look for it maybe next week.

    greengirl - there is a whole lotta ego that goes around...yanno you just gave mouse an idea for a post for next week.

    Jazmine - It is all consuming and life altering when it works right.

    Thanks for the comments and hugs to all,


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