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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Weekend stuff

Good morning,

Sorry to vanish again but we're still settling into a routine that works.  So last week ended well and we were all in a great mood.  Saturday mouse was out of her mind with feelings of well....worship of Daddy's body.  Since we've been together mouse has always had problems with speaking up and just asking to worship his body.  It's embarrassing for her to tell him that she needs to kiss and touch him all over that her need is so great she might go crazy waiting.  Well, mouse found her voice and was given free access to Daddy's body on both Saturday night and into Sunday morning.   Because of all this activity, mouse was late waking Daddy Sunday and was right in the middle of pleasuring him (and herself) when his phone rang.  Daddy looked at it and actually answered.  He didn't prevent mouse from continuing so she did, however she could hear tone.

He hung up and was again thoroughly into what mouse was doing so she continued with relish.  It's the intimate act of pleasuring him that drives her over-the-top, feeling him in her mouth and tasting him.  Really, it makes her a bit crazy.  Even after Daddy orgasms mouse will find it hard to want to stop.  To remove herself from his body in anyway feels wrong to her.  After, we stayed in bed, bodies intertwined, bathed in sweat and lust, and oh so contented.  We stayed that way a while, when Daddy asked about coffee, so mouse put on her bathrobe and padded off downstairs to make some.   Upstairs mouse could hear the shower come on and her heart sank just a little bit.

Daddy came downstairs fully dressed just as mouse was ready to press the coffee and pour him a cup.  He came over and kissed mouse good morning, grabbed a nipple ring and gave it a firm tug.  "No more for you today girl, go upstairs shower, and insert your plug."  Well, mouse must have pouted because Daddy grabbed a wooden spoon and swatted her on the rear, which sent her scurrying to do as instructed.  Then prepared a very simple breakfast.

A few hours later Daddy was watching sports on TV and mouse was on the floor at his feet, when his phone rang again.  Daddy spoke for a few minutes and hung up, he said a college friend was coming to stay for a few days.  He's on his way to California Daddy explained and he'll be here in a few minutes. Now normally such a declaration would send mouse into a frenzy but she glanced around and said,  ok.  Then wondered about what to do about dinner.  Not to worry, Daddy explained, his friend was bringing some steaks for everyone.  Steak works thought mouse as she took a mental inventory of foods in her pantry.  Potatoes, onions, mushrooms, stuff for salad, zucchini and broccoli.  Ya, this could work without a lot of fuss so again mouse just settled back.

It wasn't until after showing the guest to his room and padding off to to rituals how effortlessly mouse handled the situation.

-- more on these thoughts tomorrow


  1. Oh, mouse my dear, you are so much more organized than i! A declaration like that would have sent this condiment into a tailspin...the cupboard is never in good enough order. i hold your aplomb in high regard.

    ps. i'm with you on the worship...i have the same problem stopping...i guess i'm something of an addict.


  2. mouse, you sound blissfully happy, like a cat lying in a pool of warm sunshine.

  3. Good for you , mouse....oh, and hte monkey could send any extra my way. It's my favorite.mmmmm. Really...I'm not just being funny. It really is one of my favorites.

  4. pepper - this was a very hard-fought battle but now mouse realizes that it's totally better this way. Stopping the worship...yep, it's sometimes impossible.

    a hidden slave - Yep, yep...good analogy.

    little monkey - OMG monkey bread is the BOMB! No that shit is EVIL! But it's the kiddo's ultimate favorite, for mouse well she just looks at it and gains a pound...bleh!

    Thanks for the comments everyone.

  5. This made me smile :) You sound so blissful and content.

    The worship....yeah, why does it have to end?! It sucks! (*LOL* yes, pun intended ;) )


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