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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Ode to grumpy

Good morning,

Guess the-back-to-school grumpiness has struck,  with Daddy!  He's been mighty grumpy all week.  Nothing is good enough for the King of the castle.   So the other night mouse was determined to turn that frown upside down.  The plan was to get through the rituals fairly quickly.

"Tonight while you meditate tonight mouse, I would prefer if you used the clamps."  He said in that velvet tone that makes mouse tremble.

"Whaaaaa?"  Quickly recovering and grumbling a little as she dug through the drawer they're stowed, "Yes Daddy."

So mouse attached the clamps and began her meditation.  At first just being quiet, concentrating on not thinking about the pain but eventually letting go and allowing the pain to surround her.   Not sure if he was watching it or not, but part of mouse hoped he was.  Then the pain started coming back in waves, the concentration was breaking and there's nothing to do but suck it up and cope until enough appropriate time had passed.  So for roughly 30 minutes mouse carried.

On the bed he laid out her nightgown a short one did watch as mouse did her other rituals.   When it came time to enter the bed he gave his permission and pulled mouse close to him and that was the moment she'd been waiting for, although still foggy from the clamps she managed to make her desires known to him.  This time she wasn't rebuffed but allowed full access to his body, which she worshipped well.  After he held her for a while and fell asleep.  Crossing her fingers that it worked, mouse did as well.

The following morning as mouse woke, him he pulled her onto him fully and told her how much he loved her.  It made her glow.

The grumpiness remained but it wasn't nearly as bad...


  1. Now, is it that the grumpiness isn't as bad (Him) or that it isn't bothering you as much(you)? Lol.
    Either way mouse, I'm glad for you.

  2. I think it's better if I keep my mouth closed on this one. Sorta in a naughty mood. Mwahahahaha... Seriously though. Glad you managed to make him feel a little better.



  3. What an excellent way to cure the grumpies!

  4. little monkey - truthfully mouse has gotten so used to his moods that she hardly notices them. This time, he seemed to be sooo grumpy that mouse decided to take the matter in hand (and mouth) ;-)

    Mane Empress - Thanks

    turiya - a little attention never ever hurts.

    Dean - It sure didn't hurt...and he didn't seem to mind it either.

    Thanks for the comments...


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