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Friday, November 4, 2011


Good...well, it's Afternoon mouse guesses...

Been meaning to blog all week but sooo busy, just haven't had the time.  Daddy decided to make a few small changes, first is mouse is required to use twitter more.  Second and the biggie change is that mouse is now on a new system for punishments.

Daddy instituted a demerit system.  Basically, how it works when mouse does stuff that she's supposed to she receives a point.  That stuff can be anything from keeping the house tidy, meals cooked to his liking, etc., if mouse does something that displeases him she receives a check.  At the end of the month if the checks out-number the points she is punished for the balance.  Now, it should be mentioned that this was started before mouse KNEW about it, but as Daddy pointed out, all the rules are supposed to be followed.

To recap the rules are: 

mouse shall maintain a clean home, vehicle and office space, as her neatness is a direct reflection of Daddy.

mouse will maintain her evening rituals. 

Only in complete submission to Daddy shall mouse realize the depth of the love she has for him.

When outside the presence of Daddy and faced with choices to make - mouse will perform them to the best of her abilities and within the boundaries and guidance Daddy has afforded.

mouse understands that Daddy wishes a proactive slave in his life.  Should mouse discover something within herself that would further her slavery to Omega and he would find pleasing, mouse is free to pursue such interest vigorously as though he had commanded it, as long as it is within the realm of already established rules. If it is outside that realm, then mouse must discuss it with Omega prior. 

Now to be honest, it's just 5 rules, shouldn't be too hard but if you really read them, they cover a lot of territory.

While mouse does fine on maintaining her rituals and housework but she seems to fall flat on general obedience, snarkyness, and general sarcasm.  So, at the end of the month she ended up with a deficit of three points.  Three lousy points!  Daddy in his wisdom decided that each point would be worth 10 whacks with the implement of his choice.   He chose three!  YES...Three!  He came home early from work and told mouse to go into the basement, strip (honestly we haven't played there in MONTHS), and wait for him.  Daddy talked to mouse about the attitude was standing in her way, offered many examples and asked if mouse understood why she was to be punished.

Then we started the punishment, mouse crawled into the former play room and offered her wrists to Daddy, which he bound and told her to rise.  Then he fastened them to the beam above mouse's head.  The ceilings are rather low in that part of the basement, so standing isn't too difficult.  Then he brought out the leather strap, had mouse kiss it and count the blows on her bottom.  Then after, she thanks him, kisses the strap then Daddy and he waited a few moments before moving onto the cane.  Now, mouse hates the cane and wriggles a good deal but she held still mostly as the can striped her ass and backs of her thighs.  Thanked Daddy through big tears and kissed the cane, and kissed Daddy.  Now the begging and pleading for mercy started...Not sure how long mouse tried to convince him that she learned her lesson, but it was useless.

The riding crop was number three and mouse was shaking, scared and already hurting so bad.  Daddy presented the crop to mouse, who dutifully kissed it.  Now mouse was twisting and twirling, screaming and crying all at once.  Trying to keep track of the number to be counted out.  He got her breasts a few times because she didn't hold still.  After he released mouse, and watched as she crumbled on the floor in a sweaty crying mess.  Her body was on fire and not in a good way.

Somehow she managed to thank him, kiss the crop and then he unzipped his trousers and had mouse kiss his manhood.  Somehow mouse, filled with remorse became filled with love and lust for him and began sucking him.  Maybe it was just the need to please him or to make things right between us...

Daddy allowed mouse to worship his body a little before making her stop and rest for a while.  The whole night mouse was totally content to be beside Daddy and really those feelings have lasted.

So, now mouse is working on talking less, being more thankful for Daddy and demonstrating his love for him in more ways.

Hard lesson to learn but a needed one!


  1. My mouse,

    The punishment, "made things right," there was no need for anything more. However, I do understand the slave's need for penance.

    I love you mouse and do not relish punishing you but understand this only serves to make you more mindful of your station and increase awareness.


  2. One of the best aspects of punishment is the forgiveness. Once it's done--it's done. Once Master says "I forgive my girl", I feel like the world has balanced once more. Until that moment, I tie myself in knots trying to control something I can't.

    There is a real love in punishment that few people understand. Thank you, once again, for sharing so openly, mouse.

  3. Your transparency is wonderful and I truly enjoy reading your posts.
    The love you and Omega share is very evident.


  4. My husband would kill someone if they were to ever even think about causing me that kind of pain. Thats not love, it's someone who wants to get their rocks off and doesn't carw who it harms. I'm sorry for you especially because you don't even realize the emotional damage that is being done.

  5. Thanks for all the comments, Daddy, DannahB, and faithful.

    Anon: *sigh* another person with no understanding of the words, masochism, consensual slavery, BDSM or anything relating to this lifestyle. So, why bother leaving comments?


  6. Ooh I hate canes too! Devil instruments I say...

  7. Sometimes love is tough love but the wonderful understanding and things that come from it are worth it. Hugs

  8. It's a little odd, isn't it ~ that desire to suck him after being whipped? I feel it too, maybe on a lesser level because my Sir has not punished me or taken my to such depths of pain.

    But when He is whipping me, with the belt, or in other ways, i find myself thinking of taking Him in my mouth, and longing to do it.

    Hmmm. Something else to think about... thanks, Mouse.


  9. Sometimes the hardest lessons to learn are the ones that are most needed and the hardest to take. Thursday night I recieved a harsh punishment, but it took my well into Friday to accept it. I don't know how you are able to keep count, but good for you for being able to take it, accept it and do what is required of you so well. Thanks again for sharing your story with us!

  10. Hwllo Omega and mouse. I just came across your blog and I love it. Do I ever wish my rules were this simple. Wolf has them categorized by subpart and they span pages. Personally I think submission is best accomplished just like this, with simplicity. It sounds nice. sigh. Love, squirrel


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