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Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Its not really part of our dynamic.  Yet its always there on some levels.  The past weekend, Daddy and mouse attended a charity event in which, Daddy gave a short speech.   Before we left, he inspected mouse, her clothing choices, bag, shoes...he watched her dress.  After he commented that something was missing...he produced the plug and the egg.  This made mouse very uncomfortable, while she doesn't mind so much the plug, the egg is another story.  It's remotely activated so he can be a distance from mouse and it will still work.

He tested it out...then we went on our way.  Everything was fine, until it was time for him to give his speech, a short one under 5 minutes about the importance of the charity.  Daddy went up and the vibe started buzzing, mouse's eyes got wide as it went through the paces of going fast, slow, very slow, only to pick up and start going fast again.  Trying to show no emotion and concentrate on the speech was impossible.

Later, during the dessert course Daddy whispered that mouse wasn't allowed to touch the food on her plate.  He fed her in front of everyone which was probably terribly romantic looking from afar.  It's not like mouse was on display or anything, only a few people took notice.  But mouse knew what it meant.  It was about control, the fact he had it all and mouse truly had none and it was a big turn on...

When we got home, as mouse undressed and removed the internal stuff, cleaned them and put them away, Daddy came in, he kissed his mouse lavishly and softly...the way that just makes mouse melt.  He toyed with one of the nipple rings and asked if mouse enjoyed his speech.  Of course she had, but when he pressed further and asked which part she'd enjoyed the most...

Well mouse was caught.  There was squeaking as he twisted the nipple ring slowly.  He bound her hands behind her back as he prodded and probed her body.  He was enjoying this.  Then he took a step back and told mouse to masturbate and freed her hands.  He sat back on the edge of the tub, turned on the lights in the bathroom and watched as mouse standing there in the middle, fingered herself.  It was agonizing and hot.

We go through periods like this it seems, he finds himself in the right mood and decides to play with his mouse...well toy with her.  Its demeaning and debasing, and mouse secretly enjoys it.   When he tells mouse to be a good puppy and hump his leg, she does it without hesitation until she orgasms...And after she cleans him off with her tongue.

It's how it is, she belongs to him after all.  It's just humiliating to admit it.  To completely surrender yourself over to someone is scary.  Yet, mouse willingly goes down that rabbit hole at Daddy's whim.


  1. I am such a weenie when it comes to this. Good for you for managing and even getting the good out of it.

  2. As I read this -- I kept thinking of this as it might have been from Omega's viewpoint.

    The power of giving a speech in front of a lot of people (even if you do it all the time) is a powerful feeling -- but to exercise a secret control over your partner at the same time - -had to be heady stuff.

    thank you for sharing this with us -- I like the idea of being able to imagine how each of you felt.



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